Sign A Petition To Our Agong

Ever since 8 Mar 08, I have been following few political blogs, the well known Raja Petra, former PM, "may-be-soon-to-be" PM and etc. No, I never think of joining any political party, I hate politics but for the sake of survival, reading through these blogs not only cheer up my day (sometimes the kiddish explanations and stories from the "matured-but-down-syndrome" politicians kinda funny and joyful to read), it also brushes up my skill in office politics. Not that I play office politics a lot to step up the ladder, but working with some creature who always think itself is the smartest alien in the galaxy, you owe it for your whole life when it works out something for you and act like an innocent babe in front of the boss, you'd know I needed that skill badly...

Anyway, I don't intend to turn this blog and to be another political site, but to help to spread out the link --> My intention very simple, we lose nothing to sign it and lose nothing if nothing happens since we have been losing everyday. But if something happens, we gain better future. Wow! Sound like I am the hero! Haha!

I came across this link from RPK's site. It was posted on 17 Aug 08 14:56, I signed it on the same day around 18:40 and I was the 6100+ who signed on it! A mere 4 hours duration with 6000+ signatures, meaning 25 signatures every minute! :-O Okay, let's minus out some itchy hands and
si-kacau, it still gets around 15-20 signatures a minute. This perhaps shows how eager we anak Malaysia wanted a change.

So do you want a change? You decide. No need to tell me.

Ok, it's time to off now, let's cheer loud for Lee Chong Wei for Malaysia's first Olympic gold!

Note: Let's pray still alive tomorrow... Hope this isn't the last post of mine...


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