Happy Birthday Lil' Princess!!

Happy Birthday Little Princess!

Today (early 12am already), I die die also must find internet to wish her in my blog. How could I forget the birthday of my little princess??!! Or, she already has a new cutie nick for herself? Baby? etc etc?

It has been quite a while that I have not seen her, since err... 1 May when I south down to visit my brother. How is she now? How does she look like now? Taller? Prettier (of course!)? Cutier (definitely!)? Smarter (obviously!)? Hopefully she still remember the sai kong face uncle far in Bandar DiRaja.

Well, she did tell me what she wants for her 3 years old birthday back to 1 May, but my sister in law told me that's the gift from the parents. See, gift also must rebut rebut one, how lovely she is that everyone tries to sayang her. Hehe... So, I don't know what she likes and what to buy for her. And the uncle, me will not be traveling this year due to cost cutting, so can't "import" toys for her. Never mind, I owe her one lor... Ok?

Here's the birthday song for her... Haha! Am I the first one to wish her after the daddy and mommy?


  1. Thank you so much Ah Soo (on behalf of Lil' princess). Sorrylah blog not updated since mum started working, yahoo mail also no time to read what more blog. Will try to post her latest photo soon (no promise though). She didn't give herself any nickname so far, but she likes to be called Dora haha (her short hair supposed to make her looks like Dora). Her latest fascination is baby so we bought her a baby doll (this cool doll can cry and laugh like a baby) for her to take care for her birthday (what was that she wanted that she told you in May?). She has been caring for her "babies" (her small bolsters a girl and a boy) for a few weeks now so mum tought it will be nice to get her a baby doll!

  2. Haha, so cute!! So young already start taking care of "others", good as a training before she gets her real lil' bros and sises :)

    She wanted a "water gun" or something like that to play in the swimming pool... You told me a name for the toy but I couldn't recall what exactly the toy name was... If she still interested, I can try to find the one she likes.


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