jacko.my Failed The Exam

As I mentioned earlier, I browsed through some blog sites to learn from those gurus and senior bloggers, one thing came to my mind, how "good" or "bad" jacko.my is. Since it has been quite some time ago I sat for an exam, I think it may be good for me to go through a grade exam to get myself a "report card".

From the search result, I came across this site - website grader. What it does is pretty straight forward with 3-line description...

You do nothing but only type in your blog url and click Generate Report. Initially I thought this site was another crappy site, you'd know, those sites say free on the first page, and ask you for $$ when you want to view the report. But no harm trying, right?

While waiting for the result, I was wondering what is SEO and found out a lengthy wiki article about it. *yawn* Do you think I would ever read it line by line from top to bottom? Hehe...

Again, the report card was another long bible like the wiki article, 6 sections with A, B, C, D and E subsections! So, long story cut short, here's the score summary...

So did I pass the exam? Frankly, I don't know by looking at the summary. I don't know if there are 4,978,471 blogs out there and I rank... err... last??!!

Website Grade of 15 in the rank sounds not bad right? But what do you think if it's 15 out of 100??!!

lah! It means I failed the exam!! As simple as ABC! Haha!

Phew! Luckily my father does not know this, else I would be vegetarian for a night: eat
rotan! Hehe...

Is jacko.my that bad? I don't think so. And apparently this website grader is primarily meant for websites with sale and marketing in mind, in contrary that jacko.my does not intend to sale or lelong stuff (at least for now). Of course I must admit that was not the only cause, I certainly knew that jacko.my is missing with some reader-friendly features such as RSS (which I just enabled it) and lack of promotion in social mediashphere like digg.com and del.icio.us. Meaning, no one know about the existence of jacko.my. Hmm... Do I need hardcore marketing or stay low profile? I would let readers to do the call...

But heck, jacko.my is new right? just only 2 months old, so what could you expect from a newly born baby? At least the posts were kinda interesting right? Also, I was contacted by few unknown readers from US, from Normay, from Germany etc who found my Wind posts were useful to them! And the world is small, one of my friends found my blog from google, and did not know it was my site till he saw my macho profile photo. Haha!

So, I am optimistic, rooms to improve, way to come... :) You can do the same exam if you also host a site.

Oh yeah, by the way, you can see the "proud 15" marks out of 100 at the bottom of the left pane. B-)


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