CSI: Bandar DiRaja

Again, this isn't a review of any movies, dramas or the CSI series. Instead, I have to drop my foresic hero role, to setup my very own CSI in my housing area due to... err... hopefully you could extract the message from the blog after finish reading it.

My house was broken in last year December.

No no no! Let me retract and correct my "declaration":
My house was almost broken in last year December. Meaning that, my house was NOT broken in. I do not want to get into trouble due to the conflicting statements with the police report that I made last year. In the report, my house was NOT broken in since I did not lose anything at all, though the gate was opened by unknown creature, car porch (house compound) was trespassed, 3 locks were damaged, I had face-to-face bump up with one of the short creatures, the short creature ran to an UFO called Kelisa and fled off with another pilot creature, and finally the inner gate was also opened wide by the short creature as if I was doing house warming as early as 6am to welcome my guests. Since nothing lost or tiada kehilangan barang, my house was NOT broken in. Since it's NOT a break in, so I should report to authority as an FYI item, not an FYA item. Hence nothing needed to be done. Period. Full stop.

Don't lock me up since I already retracted and corrected my statement, or does it call Satutory Declaration? Sorry, I am noob in law, hoping someone knowleageble enlightens me.

Last week, after more than 6 months time, again, my house was NOT broken in. But this time, with conditions...

> My gate was not opened;
> Sound like my house compound (car porch) was trespassed, look like my house compound (car porch) was trespassed, but it might not had been trespassed;
> My locks were all intact;
> I did not bump into any creature;
> No UFO was spotted;
> My inner gate was secured.

But, I
alami kehilangan barang.

First belonging, it was outside at the ramp to the car porch. It's a drain cover, made of solid steel to withstand the weight of a car (or a truck) if park right on top of it. Due to recent price hike in the steel market, this could probably worth few hundreds bucks if sell to the scrap metal collector.

Second belonging, I lost 2 of my tyre nozzle caps. It's not the usual black plastic cap, it's the aluminum cap, range from RM2 to RM10. Both at the rear tyres. Here is the closer look for far sighted reader...

So can anyone knowledgeable tell me if my house was or was NOT broken in for this time? I am confused :-S

While I am waiting for the right guidance, I setup my very own and simple CSI. The outcome according to my very own expertise after the investigation, there were 2 possibilities:

1. The unknown creature(s) who did NOT break into my house last time came to "test market". The creature(s) might want to revisit me and be my witness to clarify the previous incident, whether my house was or was NOT broken in. Or perhaps the creature(s) would like to replay the same scene 6 months ago.

2. There might be kind creature(s) came to my house compound, helped me to clean up the drain. The creature removed the drain cover and put it somewhere, cleaned the drain and forgot to return the cover to its original position. The creature(s) saw my tyres were a bit deflated, removed the nozzle caps, inflated the tyres and again forgot to return the caps to the original position.
How honor was I with such treatment~ But haiya, how forgetful the creature(s) was (were), must sponsor him/her/them to go for mind mapping courses to improve the memory. I am not sure if I know them, recently there was a gang of Mat Rempit Jr. used to cycling (that's why Junior since not on motorbike yet) around the surrounding. Their bicycle is 2 wheels. I lost 2 nice caps. The caps on the front tyres are still intact (as of this second. Now you see, now you don't...).

So now, I must increase my awareness during nights, can't sleep fully and have my pinky dream, in order to be prepared, to welcome any of them anytime anywhere (mobile internet??) in my house compound. This is one of the "welcome gifts" I have for them, a good drumstick for them to bite...

I am not stingy, I have been to 3 hardware stores but could not find a 2-ft parang as VIP gift, will definitely search till I found one.

Oh, not to forget the brilliant mom's idea, it's for the safety reason especially to my other genuine guests as well as my good postman.


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