MSI Wind U100 Part 3

Perhaps this may be the last review of my new Wind until I have time to stress test it with practical use i.e. travel with it, yamchar @ Coffee Beans and video conference with it etc. Well, it may not sound like a review, perhaps it's the explanatory post to blog how did I end up with Wind.

You can see from the blog that I posted to compare several netbooks available in the market. All models did not catch my eyes due to the specification except for HP mini 2133 initially when Wind was not yet available. However, after googling through the forums and found out the VIA CPU is not really up to the expectation to run as an effective low power CPU, in term of heat generation, power consumption and processing efficiency. And at the same time, my cousin found out about MSI Wind U100, I learned about Intel Atom from this sweety, and it would be the first netbook to be equipped with Atom. Immediately, HP no longer the contender in my selection anymore. I have some doubts on MSI laptop though, but I used to have favorite on their PC products such as mobo and display card, so I convienced myself to give a try on this new toy and eventually now I have Wind as my new lover. Plus, not to forget a very well pre-sale customer service I got from one of the sales representatives from MSI, she is Lucy Chen, very responsive to every email I sent in for inquiry and never fail me with her response. Thanks Lucy! Hope your boss is reading this :)

Now, from my previous blog, I mentioned that the Winds I bought were preloaded with Linux. Main reason I bought the Linux version was, I couldn't wait anymore ever since I knew about Wind, the XP version only has pink color at that time and white or black color only available the next 2 weeks. Furthermore, the most important and deciding factor, I got the BEST deal in the town, the deal was really really really can't beatable anywhere else in Malaysia, if not Singapore or worldwide... haha...

So h
ow much then? RM1630 for one!! Hardware specification is like what I said in the previous blog, same with XP version, you can check it out here. Cousin and I topped up RM70 each to get our Wind upgraded to 2GB RAM. You can see the RAM stick on the photo below, it's the back (or bottom) of the Wind in between the ventilation fan (right) and the 80GB hard disk on the left.

We were a bit greedy, we attempted on 2GB RAM stick but as other forumers confirmed, Wind can not support it. It would be perfect to run Vista if we could get a total of 3GB RAM! I suspect the culprit is BIOS that restricts it, hopefully MSI removes this limitation on the next release of BIOS upgrade. Back to the money matter, so it's RM1700 per Wind equipped with 2GB RAM, compared to average retail price of RM1899 that I asked around SS2, Low Yat and Imbi. Since I budgeted around RM2000 for this round, I pampered my new Wind with a companion, a slim DVD Writer for RM270. Total, still cheaper than what I budgeted, and compared to if I were to buy it at RM1899 with XP Home, no upgrade to 2GB RAM and no external DVD writer plus to wait another 1 or 2 week! Haha! Yoohoo! Extreme excited with my deal!

So where did I buy my Wind with such a good deal? Below is the contact information, call and inquire the shop(s). You may not get the deal like what I did, simply because some other resellers complained the shop to the sole distributor of MSI Wind that he is (or was?) selling cheaper than the agreed retail price, so good luck! And of course provided you are in Malaysia or Kuala Lumpur, KL ;)

DexCom Technologies SB (formerly known as Wai-H Technology SB)
Lot G16, G45 Ground Floor
Imbi Plaza
+6 03 2715 9961
+6 03 2713 9916
+6 03 2148 9961
[email protected]

Another 2 resellers that I have their business cards in hand right now, one of them offered free RAM upgrade but I couldn't remember which:

Computer War
151A, Jalan SS2/24
47300 Petaling Jaya
+6 03 7877 2998
+6 03 7877 6198
[email protected]

IT Discovery
Lot G17, Ground Floor
Imbi Plaza
+6 03 2144 6553
+6 012 207 7353 (Daniel)
[email protected]

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