MSI Wind U100 Part 1

It has been a while since my first blog on this new toy. Let's start with some comparison on the size first, since it's so light that a windy day will blow it away like feather... hehe...

First, comparison with HP Compaq nx6310:

Second, with Dell Latitude D610:

Overall of nx6310, D610 and Wind:

Now, with Dell XPS m1220:

Before the comparison, I thought it would rather be comparable in size with XPS, but from the photos, Wind clearly wins hands down.

Lastly, if you still can't figure out the size (ya, I'd know the photos were kinda blurry), see below... a full size A4 paper at the bottom, a ruler and BlackBerry 8707g on top.

Now clearer? If not, then you may need to visit any optical shop or Tun Hussein Onn Hospital :p Pay a visit to Low Yatt, Imbi or SS2's Computer War, they have display unit for you to try.

More to come...

p/s: Picasa down, can't upload pictures... this is why this blog was drafted but not published...

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  1. hello,

    I recently purchased a U100, with windows xop as OS.

    I find myself unable to install the integrated webcam, for there is no driver for XP available. any chance you got your hands on one of those?

    I really hope you can help me, I actually might consider changing for Vista in some time. I liked your review.

    my email:

    [email protected]

    thanks in advance

  2. Hi Shakir,

    Try this driver for the webcam -

    Since I am on Vista, I can't help to verify if it works, but I pretty sure it should since it is from MSI directly.


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