My New Toy!! Windy U100~

Darn sleepy but can't wait to blog.

The whole was in rush... Rushed to the office during rush hours at 7am, rushed in office to deliver a report, rushed to call the resellers for pricing, rushed out to Imbi Plaza to negotiate the price, rushed the reseller to deliver my toy
TODAY! Rushed to HSBC to withdraw $$, rushed back office for a conference call, rushed to Low Yat to look for external DVD writer, rushed back to Imbi Plaza to collect my toy, rushed in the traffic to beat the clock, rushed home for night conference at 9pm, rushed to play with my new toy, rushed rushed rushed~

Hang on, have a break, commercial time...

So windy~ so cooling~

Oh, now I recalled, whole day I only
had dinner! Well done, good job and kudos to myself to slim down... hehe... That doesn't really matter because Chinese used to say "drink water is more than enough when you in love 有情饮水饱" and my new love...

Haha... More to come, kinda exhausted for today (err... yesterday since passed 12:00am), and my new love also "exhausted" and now recharging ;)

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