The Blue Night

After the Euro 2008, football fan like me suddenly feel like losing the pointer in our life, where do we find our life during weekends??!! Don't you notice more crowds or more males in the shopping malls on Saturday night these days, and those mamak with big screen are not so crowded? Simply because the boy friends and hubbies are "freed" from channel 812 or 813 of Astro until August before the new season begins. Ha! I didn't do a survey though, but simple observation on my ring and surrounding...

Well, to those Blue fans, especially those staying in Klang Valley, certainly they are excited about an upcoming event which is going to happen in 5 days time, posted above. This ain't an advertisement time, those close to me know very well that I am a Red Devil supporter, so what for I do marketing for the Blues? But, since they gave away their Champions League Champion to us, with the dramatic slip by their beloved Captain, why not? Haha! And if you missed the "miss", here's the miss of the century :)

In my gang, we have 2 Gunners, 3 Red Devils, and 1 twin-headed cobra whom always swings his favorite based on end result. None Blue fans so far... I used to be a lone supporter in my previuos company, at least 4 of Red fans always "bully" me. However, I still remember some of them owe me a genuine original ManUtd jersey and a week of wearing ManUtd jersey in office after ManUtd clinched the title on 2002/03. Well, all I concluded, Liverpool fans never keep promise. Now I have 1 Liverpool fan in my group, perhaps I should claim from him. LoL.

Anyhow, I am not as hardcore as to anti other clubs like Liverpool and Chelsea. I don't anti other clubs, and I do have favorite players like Lampard, Alonso and etc in other clubs (Oh, I like Jose Mourinho!). So, I am kinda sad that I can't join the rest of the Blue fans to this event in Shah Alam, which is just 10 minutes away from my house. I will be flying off the next day for vacation, and anticipate there will be some scheduled night conferences on the 29th to close up some of my work items before I enjoy the trip.

Here is the link to the site, you may purchase online.

Long live ManUtd! The Treble and the Double!


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