Phase 2: Migration Complete

After went through thousands of photos in my old site, I decided not to move or migrate any to here except to share 1 or 2 photos I like most. This is partly because I have only 1024MB in Picasa, and mainly due to my unique character - I am piggy and lazy :p

Somehow, when going through album by album, I did recall some of the cheer moments and laughter I had with my folks over the old site, as well as the trips... Darn funny when read back some of the comments. I guess if I were to share large number of photos in the future, I would reuse my old site since it has no limit on number of photos and albums, but doubt that I would do so, uploading photos to the old site nowadays taking more and more time, even it's just text blog. This is also one of the reasons I switched my blog to

Anyway, due to my laziness, I moved some of the migration activities to Phase 3... hope I have some spare time to do this in the coming weekend.


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