MSI Wind U100 Part 2

From one of the photos in my second "Windy" blog (which was Part 1 review), I bought 2 Winds, one belongs to my cousin whom another gadget guy like me, one for myself. Unlike my previous job that I used to dirty my hands in the server room to setup systems as well as desktop deployment, my current job does not need me to do such dirty hands, but only use my brain to do the work and mouth to ask people to do (short say talk cock guy la, lol), so I needed more time to setup my cousin's Wind on Windows XP Professional. At the same time, I needed to bust off and clean viruses on my PC and the nx6310 laptop featured in my Part 1 review. Well, the most effort was actually spent on finding drivers (and silly me! I eventually found out MSI 's System CD does come with Vista drivers!) and all my software for Vista-compatible version.

Why I needed Vista when Wind comes preloaded with XP? Wouldn't it run like snail with Vista? The first answer is correct on XP, but the Winds that I bought were loaded with Linux, the hardware specification remains exactly like the XP version though. So since I want Windows platform than Linux and I have a unused genuine Vista Ultimate license, why not give a try just like a China reviewer did before I answer the second question?

And here you go, the Vista setup screen...

Typical Windows screen, nothing much to excite. It's very simple to go through even for non IT literate users. The only difference with XP setup I found was that there is no more screen that allows users to select/deselect components they do or do not want to install for disk space saving reason.

The setup took less than 30 minutes (or may be less than 20 minutes?) to complete. I did not clock it and wait for it to complete, I was having my dinner and by the time I ran back to my room, I was greeted with the Welcome screen asking my name to setup user profile. I continued the setup with drivers installation, Windows Updates, partition setup for D drive, software installation and antivirus updates which basically took my whole sleeping night to complete all. I did it slowly to make sure I don't have to redo it... and finally after few hours of installation and configuration, I ran the defragmentation before I headed to bed.

The next day, I took a video to show the boot up time...

Not bad huh? About a minute plus including the button press and BIOS time. I have not thoroughly stress test it, but launching IE, Firefox, Microsoft Office was fast and responsive. A typical end user experience for reference, I was running multiple applications (Firefox, IE for Windows Updates, Word and PowerPoint) and transferring data from external to the internal harddisk, no lagging in my browsing (Firefox), reading (Word) and viewing full screen PowerPoint. The only slight delay was when I switched from one application to another. Interestingly I am running the Aero theme and it's fully supported by Wind's (or Intel more accurate) chipset! (I set my wallpaper to plain black)

So what say more? With such a slimmed spec (the CPU) on hardware, I am a happy Wind user. Prior the Vista setup, I was expecting myself to revert to XP after the test, but I guess now I will stay with Vista, and who knows the Vista running slower after few uses or when installed with more software and security updates as typical Windows platform like previous generations...

Okie, now I happily shut down my Wind + Vista Ultimate in one hand... Good night Wind Wind~ :)

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