Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yahoo!-ized My CBox

I was exploring the options available in CBox (my Talk Cock Box) setting, browsing through one by one and I stopped at the smilies or emoticons page. I looked for few seconds, found out those smilies were not my liking. Look at them, I just felt like something wrong with them, don't you think so??

I am a long time Yahoo! Messenger user since its first launch back to 10 years ago when I was still in university. I remember that Mirabilis ICQ and IRC were dominating the "cyber chatting space" before Yahoo! Pager emerged on the second year of my university life. Since then, YM! becomes a compulsory software in all my PC, even on my PDA phone and BlackBerry! Ahhhh! Now I figured out what's wrong, the smilies are so lousy compared to YM's emoticons, I am so get used to YM emoticons. Hehe... I found an excuse, so I decided to revamp all the smilies in CBox, although there might not be many people using it. And here is the result...

This is just some of them, click on the smilies link at the bottom of the CBox to find out more. There are still about 30+ emoticons to be added from YM. Feel free to try it out ;)

Now I feel good~ Yahoo~~ Hehehe...

EDIT, 25 July 08: Completed all the emoticons...

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