Migration Complete

I was trying to complete the migration from my old site. I accessed the site, reviewed the video/audio that worth migrate here, I found few and wanted to download back the files for reposting since I don't keep a copy in my harddisk. When I clicked on the download link, I was greeted with this message:

Ok, now I have to pay to download back my files! Does it sound right and legal? Meaning that I have lost my files and "copyrights" on some of the files that produced by me to this service provider, whom used to give free services and hosting for blogs??!! Now, if I want my files back, pay them! X-( !@#$%^&*( As I said earlier, no free lunch in this world.

Well, look at the positive side, that concludes my migration! I don't have to go through the tedious of copy-paste process anymore. Hehe... So I disabled all the collaboration features (i.e. comments) on the site, decided to leave old stuff there and close up the migration, let's move on with new stuff in new blog ;)


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