Newegg Malaysia

Yes, no typo nor mistake in the post title. Newegg is now in Malaysia!

This probably not a breaking news to local gadget geeks, but it might worth a read if you're still skeptical over its authenticity. 

Initially I was skeptical when I heard about it from my friend. Some "CSI searches" on the company such as WHOIS, ROS etc seems to prove the company is legitimate. At that point of time, I got "page cannot be found" error when pointed the browser to the official website This definitely looked suspicious. I then sent an enquiry to Newegg HQ and here's the reply...

And then I forwarded the reply to [email protected], and here's the reply I got from the person in-charge, Richard Tan...

Subsequently Richard sent another email to me...

Well, I am sold to its authenticity. As a result...

I bought 2 OCZ Vertex 4 SSDs during the Cyber Monday sale by Newegg Malaysia. RM533 each (including shipping & handling fee) and here's the price from Low Yat...

I saved RM200+ each!

I must thank and praise Richard for his diligent follow up on the question I raised (on its authenticity). This is really an alien case in Malaysia where most Malaysian businesses never bother to provide customer service, let alone to reply emails (or online enquiry) in timely manner. Thumbs up to his service and hope Newegg Malaysia will inherit the good customer service culture from its HQ.

So how to buy since the official website is not ready? Newegg Malaysia has a program called CPP program. In short:
  • go to and browse to the item you want to purchase
  • copy the url and paste it in the CPP form
  • complete the form and send
  • someone will reply you with the total cost in Ringgit Malaysia (or SGD for Singaporean)
  • pay either via bank transfer (to Newegg Malaysia account not any ah beng's personal account) or PayPal (perhaps safer if you are still skeptical, with 1.5% additional surcharge)
  • wait for your item to arrive at your doorstep :)
There is restriction though. I ordered a multi-function color laser-jet printer and it was cancelled as it would cost a bomb to ship a 20kg item from the States. I was well informed by Richard on this matter though (thumbs up again to this gentleman). 

My SSD purchase was just an example. There are many more good deals such as Nexus 7. My friend bought a 32GB WiFi Nexus 7 for about RM800 vs. RM999 for a 16GB version in Malaysia.

Enjoy shopping!

p/s: if you're interested reading more about Newegg Malaysia, click on here and here to read the pdf I got from Richard.


  1. I planing to order some graphic card too from new egg malaysia but how long do it take to reach Malaysia?

    1. it depends. i waited 3days as well as 2 weeks (during x'mas) to get my stuff. I would say give it a week on average.


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