How To Replace Acer 1810TZ HDD With SSD

This post is about "physical works" replacing the physical internal HDD of Acer 1810TZ with the SSD. Refer here if you're searching guide to migrate/clone the HDD to SSD.

Before you start the work, there is one BIOS setting you might want to pay attention...

I remember the default SATA mode setting was ATA / IDE when I bought this lappy. I think I had to fresh-install Windows 7 after I changed to AHCI. If this is true, I would think you probably want to clone the HDD, change to AHCI and re-install Windows. The SSD works with ATA mode but AHCI enables the native TRIM support in Windows and improve performance (according to some technical write ups).

Nevertheless, I assume the SSD is ready for a swap (if not refer here). Let's get started!

Open the 2 screws pointed by red arrows above and the HDD is exposed...

Now pay attention here. It's catastrophic if you're careless in following step. Refer to photo above, use finger nail or a small screw driver to gently pry up the 2 sides (red arrows) of the clip. You will be able to remove the data cable once it's loosen. Then pull up the HDD by the transparent pull lever (blue arrow).

Next, slice in a business card to slowly cut the double sided tape. Of course you can use force to tear apart if you're adventurous :) I do not recommend using any metal thing for this action, you probably damage the HDD circuit beneath the black cover.

Once the HDD is separated from the data cable and the black cover, plug in the SSD, reverse steps above and you're done! Ensure the data cable is fully inserted into the clip and the clip is fully fastened.

Boot up. Press F2 and you should see the SSD model instead of the HDD...

Nope, not done yet. One last step and it's critical.

Boot up to Windows. Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler. Look for Defrag and disable all scheduled defrag tasks. Defrag SSD is unnecessary and it shortens the SSD lifespan.

Done! And welcome to SSD world!


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