Offroad C4C Extended

This is the extended post of my previous post on C4C Loop around Bukit Ramlee. Apparently this offroad trail is so flexible that it caters a wide range of riders, from the beginners to the advanced bikers. Depending on one's stamina and determination, one can opt to complete a smaller loop or go for a full loop if capable.

Check out the map after the break...

Everyone starts from the same spot following the green track. If one thinks that he/she has enough for the day, he/she can call off further offroad ride at spot #1 in the image above. Just follow the straight green trail (it's a straight tarmac road) after #1 to return to the starting point at Jalan Paip/Jalan Miskam.

To continue burning more fat, follow the yellow track after #1 and the exit of yellow track is marked #2. One will be able to return to car park by joining the green track after #2. From my experience, this loop seems to fit most riders. But if you're really advanced biker, you can further exhaust yourself with another 2km offroad by entering the red trail at #3. Although it's only a 2km loop, this red trail is really a technical trail (steep climb, deep descent etc) that you might want to think twice before decide to go. Oh ya, this is also the place our authority tested the C4 bomb with a Mongolian~ 

I completed the full loop #1 till #3 for the second time last Sunday. No photos as I was the most junior in the group and everyone was waiting for me :") Really appreciate those sifus for their guidance and patience especially Tony the sweeper who mentored me from behind.

Beside my accomplishment of completing the full loop, here's another achievement I accomplished last Sunday...

I survived from the paws of this animal...


Nay, it's just a toy. It's Hari Raya holiday that the rest house at Bukit Ramlee peak was closed and "guarded" by this fierce toy. The scratches I got was from my pedal caused by a careless slip. First injury of my biking life :)

Here you can download the GPX for what was shown on the map above. You can try your own with the file (of course not alone into the offroad) if you have a Garmin device. Or join us on almost every Sunday 7am if we don't venture into other offroads. Check with Sen Aik to confirm.


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