Responses From DiGi

Finally, I received responses from DiGi.

This is the first response I received.
Thank you for your e-mail.

We regret any inconvenience caused to your good self on the matter as mentioned. However please be informed that we would need a copy of your enquiry or complaint in our system to allow for processing and whatever action where necessary. Kindly do fax us a copy of your letter to 03-57210212 or you may e-mail us at "[email protected]" for assistance. We appreciate your kind understanding on the matter above.

Please e-mail us or contact our Customer Service Team at 016-2211800 if you have any enquiries. You may also chat with our consultants through the D?Chat link via the OCS once logged in.

It is good to have you as our customer.

Thank you for choosing DiGi.

Warmest Regards,

Gerard Manuel,

DiGi Customer Service
I was working from home with no fax on the day I received this email, I sent email to the email address given in the reply above and attached a copy of the post in the email as per requested even though I thought this was definitely unthoughtful since it's similar content and it can be printed right from my blog for filing and processing purpose, why would this gentleman Gerard Manuel needed me to email or fax the duplicate content? Anyway, I did so to follow their process, assuming DiGi was not generous to provide internet access in office to the employees.

See what response I received immediately...

WTF?! I resent, same! So?

I could conclude that patience is a must to become DiGi customer. Look at the bright side, this might be the way they filter the complains so that only those with genuine complain and patience could make through to the final stage. Well, at least I have one more options to go, to fax to the number given. What else could I expect, nothing except I really hope the number was not any porn chat hotline that I might be terminated by my company for abusing the fax.

On the day when I returned to office, I printed out the email and walked to the fax room. Thankfully, there's no hiccup when I faxed to the number. Here's the last response I received on the next business day and apparently I found out my first email went through even with a failure message because there was a trailing from reply below (I removed it from this post)...
Thank you for your email.

Pertaining to the issue raised on delivery of service rendered, we sincerely regret the matter that has surfaced due to negative impressions represented by our dealer. Nevertheless, we consider delivering efficient service to be our prime importance and would like to assure you that the said experience was not the standard of service we aim to provide.

We sincerely thank you for highlighting the issue to us as we view all feedback as a means of further improving our service. At the same time, we trust that the matter has been resolved and you are able to utilize our service.

Once again the inconvenience caused to you is much regretted as we look forward towards better service experiences in future.

Please email us or contact our Customer Service Team at 0162211800 should you have any further inquiries.



Customer Interaction Centre.
After the hassle of getting my complain to reach their end "to allow for processing and whatever action where necessary", and the necessary action was "to regret" and another who-knows assurance I got from DiGi.

Oh, you might not be aware of the first assurance. There were unofficial responses from a DiGi representative in the Comment at this post, whom I trust not a talk cock guy, but may be his authority was not influential. He assured me some countermeasures were already in place making sure such hiccup would not happen. Same "regret" from official response above, do both responses (above and the comment in this post) sound like a template response? Up to you to perceive.

Also, there was a comment from an account manager in this post. I don't know if this account manager works for DiGi, I would better understand why such miserable happened to me if he was. Didn't he understand I needed to keep my number and waited MNP for 11 years? Did I say I was so dumbass for 11 years before I realized there was a SMARTER CHOICE out there which I decided to go for it and had my phone service suspended for 24 hours due to some intelligent dealer? Shame? Should I or DiGi feel shame? Sucked blood? If there were 2 vampires, one would let you die without any pain when your blood was sucked and the other was vice versa that you would feel damn painful when your blood was being drained, which would you choose to be sucked? May be he meant I was so dumbass to switch to the SMARTER CHOICE and should feel shameful on my decision which might cause me being sucked more. If he was, I feel him now and appreciate his reminder.

Anyway, I realized the store I went was not a DiGi center but a DiGi dealer. I guess DiGi has no control over the store and perhaps the only thing they could do is to "regret". Such incident may not happen in DiGi center and if it does, you might get more sincere "regrets". LoL.

Well, I will still stay on now until I have time to survey the market again. The assurance might work and the service might improve, there is always hope right?


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