Namewee's Mr Hew

This guy is back. Who is this guy?

I talked about him a year ago. He is now back with another production and made to the Chinese papers again. Unlike last time, this time he failed to make it to the headline of other languange papers. Why? 'cause the production is only related to Cina Babi society and therefore no other politicians from non-Chinese parties like MIC or UMNO really care about it. Remember, 308 election just over, and for Chinese politicians, MCA and Gerakan party election too. Hence who bother to make trouble at this time than to fight for more powers and authorities in the party?

Anyway, back to the MV. I found no surprise and it's like a rush making as I don't really hear any rythme in his rock MV. Perhaps he was rushing the production before people forget him? Or was he running of out idea? Or may be I don't enjoy rock genre, 'cause I'm a hip hop kaki. Yor~ yor~ Hehe...

Nevertheless, the lyric is meaningful and is reflecting what is happening in this BullehLand. I almost made it to such private school after completion of my primary school. My dad let me decide my own destiny whether to join my majority gang to the private school or get to the Sekolah Kebangsaan near my house. Imagine that at the age of 12 to make a live-crucial decision?! That's my dad ;) and that's how I learnt to make decision. At the end, I chose the latter 'cause I received strong opposition from my family's Teresa Kok, my sister whom I think got jealous lah. Hehe... Of course that wasn't the main cause, it's primarily that my parents would have to work harder to support me throughout my study life if I chose the former, just like what namewee explained in his lyric.

You can visit his blog if you are kepoh (busybody) to follow up for more news, or you can enjoy the ABC time over here. Be warned, it's 18SX. For ladies, you may also check out your exact cup size while enjoying the videos. :P


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