A Gift From Public Bank To DIY And Then To ISO Part 2

Continued from Part 1...

Internet banking or e-banking is very common nowadays. A good e-banking facility not only improves the bank operations but also will attract more people especially young people (like me) to deal business with the bank.

If you have read the Part 1, probably you might think I was going to complain about the lousy e-banking services by Public Bank. No, the facility wasn't as bad as I thought (after the experience in Part 1), in fact it's comparable to other bank's e-banking facility. But, it's very adventurous like a treasure hunt contest to activate the facility. Let's see how I treasured for it.

As usual for all my banking accounts that I activated the e-banking facility, I wanted to do the same for this new credit card. I thought I could activate it online without a visit to the bank (like Citibank for example), well, read through the FAQ taught me otherwise. Think of it, if no customer visits at branches, how could they get ISO certification for "Provision of Customer Service at the Front Office", right? Since my PINs including the ATM PIN was possibly self-destructed like Mission Impossible's message gadget when exposed to unauthorized identity, I have no other choice but to experience the ISO9001:2000 standard of the "customer service at front office".

On one of the Fridays, I walked to the HQ building with my peers. We filled in the form and waited for our queue number to be shown on the monitor. While waiting, I observed that some of the faces looked very impatient and depressed. Hmmm... it's Friday man, be jolly, be happy lah. But, soon after I discovered the cause. I believe my face was having similar expression like others after more than half an hour of goyang kaki there to count down for my queue number. Finally my number was displayed. I was expecting a seat at the front office table. Dream on, there were 2 other customers at the same table, they were on previous numbers before mine. So why was I called to the desk when the previous customers had not done their business? Was it to comply with the ISO standards, for instance, to attend a customer and address his/her needs within a committed time frame after the queue number was issued? I have no idea at all, you ask them or ISO.

So another 10 to 15 minutes of waiting (standing) in front of the "ISO certified front office" before one of the representatives came to attend us after he heard I was loudly condemning not only the bank, but also the staff with other customers around the corner. May be I should have done this much earlier to get attention and settle my business right away without waiting.

Well, I must give credits to the gentleman who attended me, at least he initiated to offer the service, some could have been ignorance (since you are not at his/her table) like what you would encounter when dealing with our beloved G sectors. I do not want to comment more on the process that I needed to went through (at the front desk) in this post, that's gonna tour the readers for a 3D2N trip to finish reading it. After one or two signature on some papers, I finally was issued a PIN envelope for online registration...

For security reason, I masked some of the printing, though the temporary ID and PIN no longer valid.

I opened the envelope upon reaching office, eagerly to activate my e-banking service. I went to the website, I clicked on Login, I entered the ID and password printed on the envelope, I hit Login button and I was slammed with error:
Authentication failed. You have failed to login due to one of the following reasons:
- you have used either an invalid User ID or Password
- you have not logged in for the first time within 30 days of obtaining your User ID / Password
I left 2 chances before I need to revisit the ISO certified front office to beg for another PIN envelope (and may be need card replacement??). Like a dummy to e-banking, I clicked on the FAQ and found out "Generally, we recommend that you perform your first time login in the evening on the day of your application". Morale of the story, why so kiasu??

After 2 days of waiting, I re-attempted and... failed, with the same message.

Now I left the last chance. I starred at the envelope, trying to decipher the treasure...

Again, I masked some of the printing. Tell me what da Vinci code will you come out.

I asked 4 of my peers, 4 different codes with one of the codes identical to my newly deciphered code. I tried on it, and... phew~ I finally found the treasure!! I successfully deciphered the code and managed to activate my e-banking!!

Back to 2Es again. The envelope I got wasn't that bad, what if someone got an envelope with blurer code? What if the code fades over time? To be fair, perhaps it's not right to question this ISO certified bank since other banks are also using more or less similar type of carbon envelope for PIN. But why the bank can't make PIN more readable such as to include English words for each digit below the code? At least the users could verify if the guess was the right one. Well, more printing means lesser cost efficiency right? ISO certified what...

Nevertheless, I will still keep the card. This is the card that I get rebates for my company products. Perhaps since I must go to them (the bank), no other choice, therefore why should they bother to give good service to me and my peers, right?


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