MotoActv: I Smashed The Gorilla!

There are quite a few accessories by Motorola for MotoActv...

I have everything except the SF600 bluetooth stereo headset, which I find it comparable to my Motorola S9-HD, so not worth to spend extra bucks.

One of the reasons I bought the armband was because I don't like the "stickiness" under the watch strap when I wear MotoActv on my wrist during workout. I also shared the same concern like one of the readers here. The other reason was there were few rare occasions that either my partner's or my racket hit the watch during the game. Fortunately nothing happened in the past and I thought wearing it on the arm could reduce the likelihood. One could do whatever to prevent accidents, but accidents did happen inevitably...

The Gorilla Glass shattered! :"(

It was really a BIG hit / strong smash during my badminton game 2 days ago. I couldn't recall the details, both my partner and me were trying to return a good smash to the opponents and the incident just happened. It was a direct hit to the edge, see the dent on the metal edge...

The watch turned off automatically and instantly, but the workout session was saved. I don't know if this is one of the "safety features" to minimize further damage to other key components, I reckon it's a good feature though. Luckily I installed the Skinomi TechSkin screen protector (specific for MotoActv) I bought from Amazon not long ago. It helps holding the glass from shattering, just like how V-Kool protects the car windscreen. I believe the protector probably absorbed some of the impacts from the smash too, saved the electronics inside.

The watch is still functioning like normal, compare the time and stats with earlier photo. I can still touch, slide and do whatever like before. But will I settle with a cracked screen, will I send it back to US for repair, or will I buy a new replacement? 

I will send it back. Sending back through proper channel to US costs around USD$80 just to replace the damaged screen excluding shipping and other misc. costs. That is a huge sum after forex. I logged a rescue call to my lovely bro and hopefully miracle will happen... hopefully... The watch is now in DHL's good hands on the way to my bro. I shall know the outcome in a day or two. Let's pray...

p/s: and now I have to exercise without the watch! Sigh~


  1. Hi Jacko,

    I dropped my motoactv on the floor today, the height is about my knee to the floor and the "GORRILA" screen is cracked, but the unit still function as normal, just like urs.

    I just received my motoactv on 1 Feb 2013, not even 1 month of usage, so sad. Thinking to send it back US for screen replacement.

    Can u please advice me on how u send it back to repair as i bought it from, and has no clue on what to do now, but i really like it so much and want to get it repair.


    1. Hi, sorry to hear about that. You might want to try this channel before sending it back to US. here MotoActv is officially available in Singapore, call Singapore service line to see if they could help.

  2. Hi Jacko,

    Thanks a lot for the advice, trying to call motorola singapore but cant get the country code right. The website said call "800-186-1097", I tried call the number directly; adding in 0065 in front; add 02 in front, all cant get through. Any idea?

    Anyway, how much the motorola charged u for replacing the screen? I checked the US website which is $69+Tax...not including my shipping cost.

    And i read in motorola forum, seem like their support center is very bad now, some folk get the watch back "unrepaired" while being charged. Some wait for very long period.

    That put me off a bit, thinking to just directly order a new manufacturer refurbish one, which is only $119 now selling in ebay. If I send back for repair cost $69 + $10(estimate for tax) + $30(shipping) = $119, same price!

    What u think?

    1. sounds like the number probably only works for SG numbers. my bro in SG helped to get it replaced, so i m unsure the cost n details, he walked in the svc center. perhaps buying a new one is better option since the replacement cost as much. or you might want to try msia customer svc in the same link above?


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