MotoActv: Running

After setting up MotoActv and profile, it's time to expose it outdoor and get myself into action. I highly recommend to get a heart rate monitor HRM to make full use of MotoActv. Any ANT+ HRM is compatible, I got myself a Motorola HRM which is on a little premium compare to other brands like Garmin...

Pairing it with MotoActv is as simple as ABC...

MotoActv also supports BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) HRM and other BLE sensors. This is one of the advantages of MotoActv compare to other fitness watches that mostly only support ANT+.

You can start the exercise right away. You can select either outdoor or indoor, depending where you exercise, in a park or on a treadmill. Outdoor will enable the GPS allowing tracking of your location.

You can select a quick start, set a target (of distance to run, calories to burn etc) or start a planned session (through training portal).

There seems to be a bug in planned session where it's still showing incomplete even the session is past and completed. I have to delete from the portal to get rid of it on the watch. Delete the planned workout will not delete the workout statistics if you have synced it to the portal.

There is also "Challenges" where you can join online (via portal) to compete with others. Alternatively, another advantage of MotoActv is "Personal Best" where you can challenge yourself with a virtual opponent to beat the best of your personal records (distance, calories burned). I was told by a hardcore runner this feature is not found in many other brands.

To have better accuracy of your fitness/health analysis through training portal, it's recommended to begin with a fit test which is the last option shown in photo above. The fit test requires one to run at maximum and constant pace for 8 minutes without slowing or stopping, and you must have a HRM. The zones (i.e. heart rate, pace etc) will be updated accordingly once complete and synced to the portal. You will have better and accurate analysis of your fitness.

OK, enough talk. Let's start running!

Wait for all the sensors to be detected and press the Start button.

You can toggle between screens for real time statistics...

The screen and metrics are customizable in the setup.

You can also pause and resume during the workout by pressing the Start button. Tap the End Workout button on the screen if you have completed the activity.

Now I must praise MotoActv again, it's worry and hassle free that the watch syncs automatically whenever you return home if you have your home wireless setup properly on the watch. For instance, I just leave it on my work table after exercise, the workout data syncs automatically and is ready at after my bath. No cable, no PC, cool huh? As far as I know, none of the fitness watch has this feature!

Let's take a rest now after the workout. The next post shall cover some details about portal.

p/s: I am not covering the entire menu and interface of MotoActv watch, DC Rainmaker has a very good in-depth review, though some new features such as golfing (added through latest firmware) were missing from the table. You can also check out my other MotoActv posts.


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