How To Simulate Windows 8 Touch Experience on Acer 1810TZ

Many criticize that installing Windows 8 on a non-touch screen workstation is a disastrous decision. It causes horrible user experience as the main screen is Metro interface than the conventional desktop we used to have prior to Windows 8. After I successfully installed Windows 8 onto my Acer 1810TZ, I agree on this to certain extent. The bundled touchpad driver only provides the basic mouse functionality. Adding salt to the wound, it's such a pain to navigate from one edge of the screen to the to other on 1810TZ's small narrow touchpad! Really, I would urge you not to follow my silly decision to upgrade.

Well, the above is true if there's no workaround. And fortunately Synaptics came into rescue. Hit read more to reveal the details.

Go to Synaptics download page to download the latest version of driver. Run the installer after download. Click Yes if you're prompted with any warning. Typical Windows, reboot your machine after installation.

Go to Desktop, click on the Synaptics icon and select TouchPad Properties...

Here come the Synaptics TouchPad Properties that enables you to customize the touchpad...

Check out video below for all possible customization, especially the Edge Swipe feature at the end of the video...

Now the Windows 8 becomes lively with Synaptics driver. In particular, the Edge Swipe feature really boosts the Windows 8 user experience that a user should deserve on a non-touch screen laptop. With the additional swipe features, I can easily switch between Metro apps and desktop while the conventional shortcut keys are still working well in desktop mode. Synaptics also publishes a guide on Windows 8 gestures. I am unsure if it is applicable but hit the link if you like to learn more.

It's very likely that the driver will work for other laptops that are equipped with Synaptics touchpad. Obviously you need to have a multitouch touchpad to enable most of the swipe features.

Now, enjoy Windows 8! On non-touch screen 1810TZ!

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  1. Well I was also thinking about updating to windows 8 on my 1810tz how is resuming from hibernation?


    1. almost same like boot up time, slight shorter.

  2. Ok thanks. What about battery life is it the same as windows 7?

    1. yup. thus far i observe no significant drop nor improvement. but i guess it maybe different depend on your usage.

  3. Hi, could you do a windows experience index screen shot with windows 8? thanks.

    1. PrintScreen key on keyboard or use software like SnagIt.


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