MotoActv: How To Get Better Map

The maps bundled with the MotoActv might not be detailed enough. If you live in a new area, you probably get a blank display with no topology and roads. Plus, the watch did not bundle with Malaysia and Singapore maps as I bought it from the States, so I have to download the maps from

But Motorola do not provide frequent update especially maps outside of US.

Fortunately, there is a workaround and it's very simple, provided you have an Android device. Read the steps after the break.

First, install MapDroyd onto your Android device. Launch the apps, go to map settings and select the maps you like to download...

Once done, select Update Maps and wait for the updates to be downloaded completely...

Now you've downloaded the maps to your device. The map files are saved in the MapDroyd folder, either in the internal storage (sdcard) or the external SD card (sdcard-ext or other defined folder)...

Copy the files out to a PC. There are many methods to transfer the map files out from the phone or tablet,  I assume you know how.

Now connect MotoActv to your PC. MotoCast should start automatically if you have it installed, while at the background the MotoActv's internal storage is mapped to a drive letter...

Copy the map files to mapsDb folder...

Delete the duplicate map files in MotoActv. The MotoActv crashed when I had two similar map files (the existing by Motorola and MapDroyd) in the folder.

Disconnect MotoActv. Go to Workout > Recent > Select any outdoor session > Show Route...

Not very significant different (between Moto's and MapDroyd's) for my area as it's still undergoing  development. You probably get more details from MapDroyd if your area is established.

MapDroyd is just an example of Open Source Map software, you can use other so long the file format is compatible with MotoActv. Be aware of any copyright issue that may arise from using the maps as well.

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  1. tried to do exactly what you suggest, downloaded map of belgium, uploaded in dropox and then downloaded via dropbox to motoactv but when i see recent workout map it starts to show the map and then it closes the workout
    is there something to do on the map file? some have extension ebdm other smd..what is right?

    1. Do you have 2 map files for similar area in the folder? Try move the old map file out from the folder.

      As far as my experience could tell, extension doesn't really matter. No harm trying to change the extension see if it helps.


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