Windows 8 Boot Up and Shut Down Time

Boot up and shut down times are always the first layman benchmark for a new operating system. The new operating system always scores fairly well for a new PC but not on old PC if users chose the upgrade path.

I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 on my Acer 1810TZ. This lappy came with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, I upgraded it to Windows 7 Pro as I needed the XP Mode and Offline Files Sync features. Now I am on Windows 8 Pro. Many reviews praise the fast boot up and shut down of Windows 8, let's check out after the break how it performs in 1810TZ.

The boot up time...

The shut down time...

I must say it's very impressive boot up time. Windows 7 needed 1 minutes plus to boot up to operational state whereas Windows 8 needs only 35 seconds! It took me extra few seconds to type password one-handed  and launch File Explorer. One point to note, I am still on mechanical hard drive! The time could be improved to half if I were on SSD.

The shut down time was ranging from 10-15 seconds. A slight improvement over Windows 7's 20 seconds. One obvious improvement is I used to get "xxx program not responding" screen whenever I shut down Windows 7. No more in Windows 8 (thus far).

Overall, I start loving the Metro interface and the responsiveness of Windows 8. Thus far no problem for all my programs (or called apps in Windows 8) to work in Windows 8 desktop, such as MS Office 2010, Garmin's MapSource etc.

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