Tzu Chi Foundation 慈济基金会

Let's put a hold on my Jack Bond identity.

I'm actually a dual identity spy. I am Jack Long when I am not Jack Bond. I am Jack Bond when I am not Jack Long. I am also Jacko when I am not Jack Bond or Jack Long... ... ... Huh?! Who am I now?? ~confused~ :-S Hope I am not Jackass.

Now Jack Long has a new mission too, a fund raising mission.

Since my dad's passing, we have been encouraging mom to go out "wet" and rock n' roll with her friends whenever she wants and wherever she likes. The only one thing I must have agreement with mom is, when I go to fitness center to look for chicks, I do not want to see my mom's face or her auntie friends when I greet them and they turn their heads to me. LoL...

2 days ago, she went for a gathering and she brought back few of this...

Before I tell you what is this, read the text on the can...

Or in English...

It also has the Malaysia HQ address (originated from Taiwan) printed...

And it's a piggy bank. Nope, should be a bamboo bank...

She went for a gathering with local 慈济 Tzu Chi community and the community has a project to begin now, that's to raise fund with the bamboo bank.

In life, I believe most of us want to help others as much as we can. But sometimes when come monetary donation, you may feel you have not enough money to help and it's hard for most of us to come out of pocket immediately with a significant amount of money to donate. Therefore, the community now offers you this bamboo bank, free of charge, with the hope that you would contribute as little as 5 cents a day to fill up the bank. Once filled, return to the community and they will highly appreciate your contributions for the society.

I'm rewarded one to help out. Now, I have a different thought.

Since I live in an Ah Long town and I'm Jack Long, I have better idea. Instead of I alone to contribute, I want to spread this out with more people and let others have the opportunity to contribute as well. Isn't this better approach? Everyone has chance to do virtue.

So how am I gonna to do this?

Of course I do not want to admit to hospital early of 2009 with Chinese New Year approaching, by collecting fund in Ah Long style at public area and get beaten by other Ah Longs who think I'm trespassing their territory. I am going to bring this long bamboo bank along with me when I go to work:

1. Whoever pass by my cubicle will be stopped either willingly or forcefully, pay the toll and go. No toll, no go.

2. Whoever sits in my car for a lunch ride will be charged a fare. Tariff will be determined at the spot of time and depend on my mood. No pay, well, you will still get a ride but please get off my car when return to office.

3. I will force people to take the bank and leave it at their workplace and do the same like me to collect from others.

These are the current 3 approaches I could think of, still thinking of more options to fill up the bank as quick as I can. If you have better idea, let me know.

Also, you will never know what Ah Long will do to you and your family if you don't pay/donate. I can't guarantee your wellness... Don't try to challenge a fierce Ah Long, Jack Long!

Hehe... I think I shall make a disclaimer here before any Tzu Chi people contact me. This is just to bring more fun doing charity, it's not a real social case that Ah Long or gangster forcing people to donate. All money will be collected in legal and polite way. :)


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