I Fall In Love~

I think I am in love now.

It was a surprise to all my friends when I told them this, 'cause they have been hearing how I criticized and condemned the 'G' all this while.

Let me share with you my love story.

May be I should be more specific which 'G' I fall in love with before I start telling story. G = Government, not G = Girl. Hehe...

If you know where my home town is, then perhaps you would know who is my G. Oh ya, there are 2 different Gs, the State and the Federal. And if you know where is my home town located, Selangor Darul Ehsan, and if you happen to read some of my old posts, likely you would also know whether I fall in love with the State G or the Federal G. Clearly, who the hell is gonna fall in love with the current Federal G except for those cronies??!!

I am a realistic guy, I don't fall in love at first sight. After 9 months of administration under the new State G, what makes me falling in love?

I got to know this program called Mesra Usia Emas (MUE) by my State G from my cousin. It's an insurance program for senior residents of my state, Selangor that the State G will pay off an amount of RM2500 to the family when the senior resident passes away. My dad passed away 2 months ago, some of the not-so-related-and-as-far-as-Pluto relatives were so busy body wanting to apply this program on behalf of my family during my dad's funeral. My initial reaction was "Heck! That ain't your business! Why you so busy body?!" Also, "Is this a hoax? Do we have such good G in this BullehLand??!!"

After everything was settled down and since my mom was free, I asked her to go find out. On a day over a month later, my mom happily told me when I reached home exhaustively after work that she got RM1000 cash from this MUE program!


Apparently she went to the State Assembly Man's office or Pusat Khidmat Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) shown above for registration when I asked her to find out the truth. Simple procedure, just bring necessary documents like original and photocopy of death certificate (of my dad) or the IC of the senior resident, IC of yours (as son or daughter) and that's all! The crew at the service center will help you to the completion of registration!

Best of all, the money was delivered right to our doorstep! And the remaining RM1500 will be delivered by another 40 days.

This is the first time in my life I feel I am a rakyat, an anak Selangor and also the existence of a State Assembly Man. I don't even know who's my "rakyat representative" during the administration of devil G in the past. Even if I knew, where is the bugger and what had he contributed to the rakyat throughout his tenure were always a mystery, until today. And perhaps such $$ went to some black holes of the cronies to build their mansion.

Not only this program, browse to Selangor.gov.my you can see a list of Rakyat Programs by the new State G, the G for the rakyat. From newly born "Selangor baby" to "courage angpau" for university student and to the program for the senior citizens. Under the past devil G, what did you get huh (if you are not a member of crony)??

Today, another week to Chinese New Year. I received a card...

It's from the non-Chinese State Assembly Man, YB Tuan Haji Khalid Abd. Samad of a non-Chinese political party...

Oh, I shouldn't be discriminate. I guess the assembly man treats all of us equally regardless the skin color - we all are Malaysian. The only difference is our cultural background. Even this may be a honey given to rakyat as an insurance for his next election, who cares?! At least now rakyat is happy with his service and we can see our return of investment (of our votes). It's not that rakyat greed for the money, it's to show the appreciation from the State G to the rakyat. Imagine how could a poor family afford the casket service when unfortunate happens to them? With this money aid from the State G, it's certainly a relief on their burden.

Thanks YB and Happy Chinese New Year to you and your friendly and helpful crews at the center. I'm waiting for the remaining RM1500 ;)

So anak Kuala Terengganu, be wise with your vote to select the right man to work for you all. In short, you want a man who stands at the same ground level with you and help you, or a devil with black hole in his pocket enjoying his luxurious earth heaven with your hard earned money. You choose.


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