Jacko Returns To Healthy Lifestyle

It was a normal weekend night. I went out mamak with buddies for some talk cock session. Again, never fail, I met some other old friends whom I'd not met for quite some time.

After some hi and hello greetings, we talked sky chatted earth and eventually touched on "2009 resolution - a healthier life" topic. Then, I was invited to join their exercise session, to play badminton for 2 hours, once a week.

"Err..." My first reaction.

"Come lah, we need more people," added my friend.

"I got no racket ler," lame excuse I had.

"No worries lah, we have extra rackets."

"Long time I didn't go exercise lah, no sport shoe leh," again, how lame was my excuse.

"What size you wear?"

"8 or 8.5."

"No problem lah, same size with me, I have extra pair," instantly my friend shut me up.

So what else could I say except to join them?

Although I am piggy, but it wasn't my intention to escape from this invitation. I just need some push, you'd know, the engine needs some time to warm up after 2 years of hibernation in games and exercise.

Look at this...

Now this...

Now before and after...

My shoulder was dislocated. Not once, but 6 to 7 times in half a year time! As regular as lady's period! The doctor gave up on me, asked me to take an operation or continue on drop-fix cycles. So I went for an operation and there go my active lifestyle, for 2 years that I was hibernating myself from any sports. Now you should understand why I need push factors. Further, badminton was never my favorite, I was a Michael Phelps swimmer, Air Jordan basketball player and David Beckham football/futsal player. I watch Lee Chong Wei on TV screen and only occasionally play with friends when asked to.

After the first session 2 weeks ago which I brought myself there empty handed, I told myself not to repeat the following sessions, either buy a new racket or look into my store room. I used to have one, it's now no longer a badminton racket but a cockroach racket, especially flying cockroach. Hehe... But surprisingly I found another one...

I guess it belongs to my bro. On the other hand, my bro in law was also very supportive and lend me another one...

So now I am equipped. I warned myself that my attendance must be more regular than those regulars! Especially there was bet among the buggers during the first session, betting if I would appear on the court the following week! Damn it! What friends I have?! -_-||

Nevertheless, I promised myself, I must live healthier and active in 2009 than 2008!

I am back.


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