Am I Safe?

It's has been more than a month old for the landslide tragedy happened in Bukit Antarabangsa, Ampang, KL. Beside the victims, I wonder if there's any Malaysian still remember this tragedy? No surprise if the answer is "Oh, ya, now I recalled," this is just another tragedy, and typical Malaysians do not bother after the media do not report it anymore. And that's also how this could reoccur or at least attributed to the tragedy after 15 years (of the first tragedy).

Always, never fail. There's always new issue or hidden rubbish under the carpet being revealed during the tragedy. Similarly this time, 68 water catchments (Mandarin version)at housing areas were identified to be in critical risk to suffer landslide anytime.

So don't be happy and relieved even if you are not staying by the hillside. Imagine when you walk out from your house and something like this welcomes you every morning...

UFO hiding behind the trees?! Nay...

It's the water catchment reported in the links above.

Standing far a bit and look at it again. Imagine how "nice" would it be if it suddenly bursts out 1 day and become an artificial waterfall? Especially to those residents who stay right below the hill. Hmmm....

Yes, it is located somewhere very near my house. But thank god, I guess my house is sorta safe if that waterfall really comes in reality, 'cause my house is at the higher hillside and water flows downwards, so I guess I am safe. But who knows it bursts out like a volcano, that's different story though.

Don't ask me if it's one of the "critical" water catchments reported in the news. I didn't find out. I'm just being Ah Q that such unfortunate will not happen to me.

I believe there will be no where for us to find out if we are the lucky one to live in the 68 areas, until it happens. So good luck to me and to you if you happen to live in somewhere close to such water catchments.


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