Mission Accomplished! For Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia

Right on the beginning of 2009, I promised myself to complete a mission before CNY. It's the mission brought by my mom from Tzu Chi Foundation, it's to fill up the bamboo bank and return to the Foundation.

It's not an easy mission, if you know the size of the bamboo bank. It measures 9" height and 3 inch diameter. So you calculate its volume, and think about the size of Malaysian 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents and 50 cents. And guesstimate how many you have to slot in to fill up the bamboo.

I knew it's tough to complete the mission before CNY, that's the reason I had my peers to contribute, err... in Ah Long way. Hehe... To my surprise, the bank is almost half full when I got it back a week before CNY! Many thanks to those who contributed and helped on this effort!

Since it's already half filled, so I took it back to top it full and return to the Foundation.

I took out my "piggy bank"...

It's not a typical piggy bank, but just a plastic pail that used to be a honey pail. I think half a year and usually before CNY, I send the filled pail to the bank for deposit. This half year, no more to the ordinary bank but to the bamboo bank...

And after the bamboo bank was filled...

My honey pail left a quarter.

The bamboo has been returned to the Foundation. They wanted to list my name in the contribution list, but I asked them to list my company name since it's the contribution from my peers, not me alone.

Thanks again peers! And for sure you will get back double or more for the amount you deposited to the bamboo bank. No kidding! My GoW will surely bless you too. ;)


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