Best Job In The World

Need no more elaboration. I guess you knew what would I be talking cock by the post title, right?

Yeah, it's the job that was reported at every corner in the world, even CNN reported it for 2 days! It's the job in Australia, a job in the Great Barrier Reef islands.

I came across the site from a forwarded email. Initially I was like what Chinese used to say, "where got such a big frog hopping on the road?" (i.e. No free lunch) Furthermore, the site was inaccessible (due to heavy traffic) when I tried to access it.

Then, I continued reading the newspaper and found out this...

Ha! It's not a hoax?! Let's try again! I visited the site again and it was resumed to operation this time.

Wow! AUD $150k!! I quickly looked into the job description and R&R if I qualified for the job...

Explore the islands? No problem at all! My friends know I love islands and I love sea. Plus, I am a diver!! This was since when I was form 2, err... more than 10 years experience I have!

Blogs? Photo diary? Video? Just come and see Jacko.MY to see how I can talk until salty fish becomes live fish! Also, look at my dive blogs, here, here and here. Cool huh? Perhaps the only challenge here is media interviews. Well, I was a committee in Drama & Music Club (DMC) and choir member, so I guess I'm presentable, right? Just a little touch up on the skill would do a perfect job!

Feed the fish? Do you think this would be a problem to a diver? Oh yes, I have no experience in feeding sharks, I need training for that so I don't become their meal. Anyhow, since I don't have to feed them all, so sharks may not in the scope.

Clean the pool? Simple, I was a lifeguard in Sunway Lagoon. Kiddies pool, wave pool, slide pool and all sort of pools. As a proof...

Ok, I don't have experience on mail collection. But what about if I had experiences to sit in chopper and fly to Genting Highlands? So flying high with mails is not an issue to me.

Move on...

Good interpersonal communication skills? Am I not friendly???

Good written and verbal English? Again, just read Jacko.MY and working in an MNC with my bosses are American, peers in Europe countries, Canada and South Americas, also in Australia and NZ, that's more than enough to qualify me with experience to diversify my English skill when collaborating with peers from different countries.

An adventurous attitude and willingness to try new things? Isn't this repeating (proof of my English skill)? Also passion for outdoors? How can you be adventurous if you don't have passion for outdoors? So, another duplicate. Hehe... Anyway, I wouldn't be a diver if I am not adventurous.

Good swimming skills and enthusiasm for snorkelling and/or diving? Do I need to explain any further?

Ability to engage with others? Do you think this would be a problem for a consultant?

At least one year’s relevant experience. Ok, I don't have. But I have almost 10 years experience in diving, perhaps 10% could be counted as experience. And I challenge this qualification, why need one with one year experience if you can get a fast learner to pick up the skills instantly? I had no experience on Lotus Notes when I joined the company, within 8 months I was promoted to lead a regional team (hehe... self promotion). Experience does help but willingness to learn is the key to success.

I am almost 100% qualified and I must not give away the opportunity! So did I apply?

Nope. Hehe...


I am really interested and serious about the job, not because of the $$ but the job is something that I have dreamt for long. But first, I don't like to watch American Idols and some reality shows. I feel like a fool and joker to produce an American-Idol-like 60-second video just to qualify for the job. Don't you feel like a clown if you are not shortlisted? I don't mind doing such if I am shortlisted though, but not as a joker to draw attention at initial stage, 'cause I am not paid to do so. But I will be more than happy to produce one if any of the campaign officer stumbles here and get me shortlisted with my qualifications. Hehe...

Second, AUD $150k may sound interesting. Don't forget the Australian tax system, you will not get back 6-figure salary after 6 months. Well, 5 figure for 6 months is still interesting, but I need to think twice at the expense of my career, you'd know, it's global recession now and I love my company :) I wish I was still a student or I just started to work.

In the end, let the dream job be in my dream. I hope they offer a permanent position and I will be the first to apply even if the pay is not as attractive as this contract job. But who knows I might change my mind, if I get retrenched?! Hehe...


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