My Business Is Up!

Finally, the long waiting business of mine and my shareholders are up! We have been planning for this business since a year ago. Now I learned, it's not easy to setup own business, there were so much complexities to breakthrough. We were asking for the right resource to join us, we were asking around who would be the best among few shortlisted one, we were hoping the big boss to consider seriously our proposal.

We made it!

Remember I talked about the business a year ago? Initially the group was only a lone ranger group started with a Chinese, which was the poor me as guinea pig for this new experimental job in the company. After few months of working lonely, we had an Indian and Malay joined almost the same time. After a year of holding our business start up, on 1 Oct 2008, the long waited Bangkali was finally arrived!

Proudly announce our "Head Quarter" HQ...

Due to global economic recession, it's difficult for people to get loan application approved nowadays, we agreed to take on the risk to start our loan business now to show our strong strength in capital. And after discussion among us and agreement was achieved on who handles what department:

Chinese - Being the CinaBeng living in the Ah Long town, I agreed to take on the most suitable role for me, the Loan Department Manager role.

Indian - Being the junior in the group and speaks fluent English, the Indian was appointed as Senior Sales Executive to get more people to sign up our loan promotion.

Malay - Being the most senior in the group and most daring to challenge the higher management, we have him to be the Branch Manager.

Bangkali - Being the last one to join the group and still very inexperience with group operations, the Bangkali wanted to start from the ground, so we have him to be the security guard to ensure the cash in the loan department is safe all times.

Our future expansion would include saving, credit card issuance and many more! If you are interested to deal with us, contact us, we are happy to serve!

LoL... We stay 8 hours and 5 days a week in the office, so we work for fun to make our boring job fun to work. :)

And who say there's racial tension in our country?! Look at how harmony we are with multiracial, how muhibbah we work together. It's all the bullshits that create by those politicians to achieve their personal and political agenda. So play your intelligence to vote for a truly Malaysian politician in the next election, not those idiots who are racer for racism.

Disclaimer: this post has nothing to do with the real local Malaysian bank, CIMB Group. None of us working for the group but almost all of us have our accounts with the group's banking institution.


  1. seriously? or you're just kiddin'.. i'm confused.

  2. hehe... if i ever could setup CIMB branch myself, i can provide u private jet svc everytime u come...


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