What Have You Done For Better Future?

It was a heavy downpour evening in Klang Valley.

I had an appointment in Bandar Utama. Not an appointment with customer as I ain't a sales person; Not a date with loved one or chick; Not another talk cock lepak session with gang nor a shopping spree at One Utama. It's an appointment with someone in high spirit whom I've never met before.

The illness caught me back this morning. I woke up early for a gather-breakfast. My throat was very dry even after a glass of water and fruit juice and I felt my heart beats were at little high pace. Perhaps the side effects of medication which supposed to be completed tomorrow but I emptied the bottle middle of the night as I needed an instant recovery for a dinner in Sunway. I took my rest again right after the breakfast.

2:45pm, I woke up. Felt better. The sky was dark and cloudy. Looking towards the direction of NKVE highway, I could see clouds were crowding the far sky with occasional lightning. The weather was just like my condition. Hmm... should I go for the meet up, I asked myself.

3:30pm, I drove out. The car was noisy by the drops, they were too heavy to splash on the windscreens and roof. Would it (meet up) be canceled? I doubted. I continued the journey to NKVE entrance, heading to Damansara Exit. No matter how I must make it through, I promised myself. It's just a tiny challenge compared to others who are fighting for bigger challenges and better future.

A 25-minute journey took unexpectedly long. 4:15pm, I was still at Subang area. The highway leading to Damansara was on almost stand still traffic. I already late for 15 minutes, and I had another 45 minutes to reach. I turned out to Subang interchange, detoured to Kelana Jaya and LDP.

The traffic wasn't getting better. It's flooded at Kelana Business Park (MAS building) area. 1 Merce and 1 Saga were drowned in the middle of the flood. Most drivers changed direction heading to Federal Highway exit, yielded another still traffic at that direction.

"Turn back, you're not gonna make it," evil side of me bugging my mind. NO! I must keep to my own promise.

I then risked my car to drive American style, on the lane with opposite traffic direction...

Fortunately, drivers on the opposite direction were smart to accommodate the traffic flow change and tolerable enough to give way. Thanks!

Not to be too happy, it's similar scenario at LDP. I looked at the clock, 4:32pm. By experience driving in Klang Valley, it's impossible to make it before 5pm to Bandar Utama via LDP. I detoured again to Dataran Prima and to Tropicana area. This was the only escape route and the last route I knew that could shortcut me to Bandar Utama with less traffic. If I stuck, then it's fated.

I guess the God heard me. Traffic was better than any other previous routes. 4:47pm, I arrived.

What was this appointment all about?

This is what I got from the meet up...

I bought another one for a friend whom is also on a strong spirit to support. I could have simply called up all my contacts, but I didn't 'cause I believe it's not only money matters, it's meaningless to keep the shirt in wardrobe.

If you don't know what is all about, click on Malaysia Today which is also on the right navigation bar under Daily Digest section. A direct link click here.

If you are living in this BullehLand, don't you think you are now living in World War II era where anyone could get caught and shot without reason and any fair trial? How would you feel if you were to stay in a confined cage for 2 years without any chance to defend yourself? How would you feel if you need to celebrate your birthday and festival season apart from your family because of unfairness? There are many more to ask, but if you have heart, I believe you should have asked these yourself.

So, do what you can do to support. Everyone is a small piece in the puzzle. Don't ever think what you do is meaningless and redundant, we will never get a complete puzzle with one missing piece, hence together we make better future.

One thing amazed me. One of the organizers who was in contact with me was a young lady! All the while I thought the "email address" was a guy or a middle age lady, I never thought a young lady could have participated in such campaign, let alone she is the active organizer! Well, I did not know her age (she looks young) and I did not know her at all except "she is selling shirt" and few emails we had. After reading through my daily digests just now, I came across a name she introduced herself and found her blog. She has my respects. Salute.

Also, here is another one. She too has my respects. Salute.

Now I feel much better than this morning. May be it's the effect of getting the shirt :)

What about you?


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