The World Is Full With Love & Care

I start to doubt when people say there is no love in urban city like KL. Everyone is selfishly only care for own self, no time to care others. Chinese Idiom says 各人自扫门前雪, 休管他人瓦上霜 (everyone only sweeps the snow in front of own door, don't care the frost on the roof of neighbor).

I agree to some extent. But in my office, not really. My office is full with love and care.

Often I don't take lunch, stay in the office continue working. My peer sometimes worries if I would KO in office because of hungriness. Then I was offered this yummy snack not only once, but few times...

Hai~ I wanted to keep tight on my diet, but end up getting more fat. :") Some more I keep the packet because I want to visit the shop when I travel north up, too yummy to resist!

It was once I mentioned about 爱心便当, the "lovely bento set", how good would it be to have sandwiches every morning. Then, as a surprise, I was offered a stack of freshly made sandwiches in one of the mornings. Sleep time was sacrificed to wake up as early as 5am+ to deliver these sandwiches on time during breakfast time...

I am sick for 3 days. Flu, cough, sore throat and fever was just right waiting outside the door. Few pending work items needed me to "die hard" in the office before I could take MC. And I was offered this hot sweety honey lemon to ease my cough. It's DIY and delivered right to my workplace! Sweet into the heart...

Touchy? Of course! Thanks to those who care. I'm getting better today and hopefully will return to office as "siao" as usual tomorrow.


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