Happy IWD

Ladies, today is your day. Happy International Women Day,IWD.

According to Wikipedia, it's a day to celebrate achievements of women in economic, political and social society and other sectors.

So as a lady, what have you achieved recently? Well, let's not talk about contributions to the country or society, just the achievements you break through yourself. For instance, you kill a cockroach by yourself that you could never ever do it in the past, except shouting for help. As simple as that.

Now, give a minute of silence to replay your memory for an answer to the question.

... ... ...

I knew one broke through the obstacles to sign up a diving course. Ha! Good achievement! Thanks to the female devil who worked hard to convince her. Perhaps this is one of the achievements for female devil.

I knew one's cholesterol level dropped a little. Although it's not below the recommended level, but it is a small achievement and encouragement to achieve bigger, ain't it?

I knew one has just got a new job that she dreamed and fought for long. Congrats! Buy me a dinner wei!

I knew two soon will become mommy. Congrats!

I knew one have learned how to love, becoming more mature. I hope so.

These are very peanut achievements, but never start never achieve. Just like Malay proverb, sikit-sikit lama jadi bukit, start small to achieve bigger. You are born bare, nothing is gifted, so don't take things for granted. This is the way to appreciate life.

Again, Happy Women Day!


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