Dream Girl

Guys, who is your dream girl? Or have you ever found one? For guys who already attached, is the one with you your dream girl? Hehe...

Some guys go out hunting here and there to look for one. Fortunate one found his whereas unlucky one still searching sky and earth till die. Some have but never bother to hunt for her, just leave her in his dream (since she is the "dream" girl). Some have and wanted to tackle but don't know the way. Some, especially the otaku or Taiwanese variety shows called 宅男, only dream in front of TV or PC watching the beauty competitions like Miss whatever contests.

For Malaysian guys, or may be Malaysia otaku 大马宅男, seek no more. Find you dream girl (or dream girlssss) in front of your PC right here!

The Malaysian Dream Girl reality show. It's an online reality show and this year is in its second season and still going on.

I am not a fan of reality show, nor am I a fan of beauty contest. I knew about it (season 1) when out "blow water" with my guy friends long ago but did not really bother what the show was. But, I found this season when I googled for gadget news, in particular the netbook and was caught by online banner. Ain't it funny to find a beauty show from a techie article?! Perhaps the show was targeting otaku, then am I too an otaku??!! -_-|| Hehe... but I believe it's likely because of the sponsors.

Anyhow, no comments on the show 'cause I did not follow it and only watched few random videos. Not that the show is boring, but I'm in one of the categories I described above, I never bother to find dream girls, I am a realistic and practical guy, I only find girl who shares the same dreams with me. Who huh? Hehe... :") And a question, whether the girls in the show really the dream girls for Malaysian guys? At least not for me lor. Not because of their quality, but I don't find dream girl in such a way lor.

But if you find it interesting, you can follow the first season here...


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