Fly High or Fly Kite

I’m nervious and worried.

Recently I’m goyang kaki in the office, I have nothing to work on. I asked my boss for tasks and activities, my boss tai chi me to someone else, to ask for work.


You’d know, at this sensitive time, I feel like I am the redundant one in the office. Did my boss hint that I am going to fly kite soon, indicating I’m one of the targets to be retrenched?!

Then I received this from the admin assistant…

Is this the "kite" from the company, says to me “bye bye, go fly kite”?!

I opened the box…

Arrgggh!! Some more 2 layers of wrapper to reveal what is inside! My heart beats stronger like almost popping out from my chest!

Finally! It's a very refined service award plaque from my company by Royal Selangor!

Does the plaque sound like a hint? "Thank you for your service, we don't need your service anymore, so bye bye and sayornara!"

"No worries," another big boss came to rescue. "This wasn't the case, you won't go fly kite. I will help you and won't let you drown," the big boss said.

Phew~ I am relieved! Thanks boss!

Looking at the plaque...

5 years! Honestly, I never thought I could "last" 5 years in this company!

Initially when I joined this company, I had a personal agenda that I wanted to gain experience from a MNC so that I earned some merits to begin my new life in somewhere else. Things changed. People changed. Fate changed. What was planned was not what I got. That's life. That's the reason I don't believe in long term planning.

And time flies. It's my 5 years service in the company with just a blink of eyes. Perhaps I shall review what are the accomplishments I achieved in this milestone.

Not many. In work, promotion in probation period, quick (as per my former boss) promotion again, service recognitions by different bosses, outperformed mat salleh and few more I couldn't reveal in public.

I am also confident that I am a very competent and caliber guy in a big corporate world. Why? I am a low profile guy and I am just one of ~900 head counts in the office, but many in the office knows my existence. Some compare and compete with me either positively or negatively. Some even say I am a high flyer, definitely fly higher than the kite. Am I? I personally don't think so, I have always been keeping myself as low profile as I can, I am an ego guy who believe nobody is my contender except myself, I don't compare and compete with others but just to get job satisfaction myself, and of course at the end I hope the company "show me the money" to compliment my contributions. But what to do when people want to benchmark against you? Let it be.

In personal, at least I achieved what I targeted. In short, I enjoy my life much better than previous times. It could be improved if I worked a little harder to get more rewards, but heck, life is short, enjoy before you regret.

Many of my friends said work hard first then enjoy later. I have different philosophy. Simply, at age 45, would you go back to enjoy what you supposed to enjoy when you were 20 years old? Different age, different life, different people to meet and different things to enjoy. Work smart and play hard is my belief.

In a nutshell, this company provides me the opportunities to prove my capabilities, widen my sights to see the world from different angles, diversified my thoughts by working with people from around the world and most important, it financially ups my society level a level or two in my personal life. I am not loaded though but I am happy with what I get.

Well, life is not perfect. There's a suspended project out of all these achievements. I hope I could resume it as soon as possible. Let's put this plaque at my workplace as a reminder...

I removed personal particulars for privacy concerns.


  1. It's the right attitude towards work and life that is important, not qualification and year of experience. Keep up the momentum!


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