Api! Fire!

It's a rainy Friday. The rain begun to pour since 3:30pm.

It was once I stuck in the traffic after work on a rainy Friday for 3 hours! No kidding, at 5pm from office and reached home at 8pm! For the same duration, I could have traveled to Ipoh to have Bean Sprout Chicken as my dinner.

So I immediately packed my stuff and left the office when I saw the first drop from the sky. On the way heading to a happy hour hangout place, I saw this thick black smoke...

It didn't look like normal open fire by human that you can find it everywhere in this BullehLand, especially who's gonna be the idiot burning rubbish in a rainy day? I turned into the junction and the fire engine was already there...

No traffic in this minor road, it happened the police stopped me to make way for some rescue works, I thanked the police who stopped my car and allowed me to take this photo...

Looked like the fire has been put down, left only smoke. No ambulance, so I guess no casualty. Checked out the newspapers, could not find any news reported, may be I was the only "reporter" there. Ha! Too bad. I am not a certified one to enter the place for more exciting captures. :P

Oh, almost forgot to mention the incident place. See how unprofessional I am, as a reporter. Must train myself more to be a pro paparazzi.

It's at Persiaran Stonor, right opposite Embassy of Vietnam. It used to be a famous ikan bakar stall, but I guess now it turned out to be an either illegal or legal immigrant settlement.


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