What Is Your Reaction If You Miss Your Flight?

Today was a bit relaxing in the office. I was wrapping some of my tasks in preparation of new assignment. Same to my "peer M", he was finding a way to wrap up his long pending project due to lack of response from the blurry vendor.

As usual, the other one "peer I" was too enjoying life with crappy workshop while counting down his upcoming business trip on March. We were teasing him that the trip would be his "honey moon" as he will be traveling with another auntie who likes to drag him for chat on any topics.

Well, I wouldn't want to describe in details about the auntie. In short, a 40+ auntie always act and talk like kawaii and Chi Ling. *_*|| That's nothing wrong though as each individual has his or her own characteristics, but what would you think if that's the "weapon" (talk innocently) she uses to the bosses to back-stab you?

Anyway, we were on the business trip topic, one of the peers shared that he got to know from a local radio station, a funny reality shot in youtube about missing flight. View it yourself here...

Damn it! We were laughing till upside down when watching the video secretly in the office. We couldn't laugh out loud as our office is open space concept. And one funny question popped up, "hmmm... How would the auntie react if same incident happen to her?" We then asked the "peer I" to try it out during his trip, try to miss the flight and take good video if the auntie reacts the same. That definitely would be the best joke of the century in my company! Haha! Damn bad huh?!

For once I missed my flight when I was in US. I was on hot flaming debate with my old boss till that I left an hour remaining before my flight schedule. It generally takes 45 minutes to commute from office to the airport but I managed to make it in 30 minutes, well, in Klang mari driving style, zig-zagging between lanes and cut queue on American highway. Note that American is driving on the opposite side from BullehLand. Hehe... Nevertheless I was still denied to check in to the planned flight. My first reaction to the officer was "That's good! I wish I would also miss my connecting flight back to KL so I can check in LA hotel for a night. Who cares?!" I was moody after the hot debate. Hehe... Of course the officer did not allow that to happen, she immediately put me onto the next available flight. I just couldn't imagine if that auntie was with me, and if I ever travel alone with that auntie. God bless and touch wood!

Now bad buggers like peer M and me are hoping something happen during peer I's trip with auntie. I shall share out if there's interesting incident. :P


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