Not the popular TV series, but...

He is called Hero.

He memang a hero. Why?

In one of the weekends when my cousin visited me, she brought along Hero to my house, asked if I would like to keep him. My cousin was about to oversea, needing someone to take care of her pet.

I looked at Hero...

Cute huh?

Eventually I refused, and fortunately I made the right decision.

Imagine a brand new full leather sofa set with a puddle of urine on top; imagine you could find chocolate fudge (shits) every where even in your house and imagine you found out you left only one side of your shoe early in the morning when you were rushing to office.

Now you should understand why I said I was lucky. My uncle and aunt are now in headache, till my cousin returns from oversea. Hehe...

Further, I don't like something that is useless (toy breeds), such dog cannot guard your house. And my favorite dog is always this...

The German Shepherd.

After seeking professional advice, I need to have bigger house with bigger compound for German Shepherd. Similar to relationship, when I want to breed a pet, I want to give my best to it. So I shall wait till I have bigger house.

Hmmm... when will that happen?


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