Bird Nest For Lunch!!

Retrenchment, VSS, pay cut, downturn, meltdown, shrink down, downsize and all other negative terms you can think off. These are the current economy related terms that very often you can read on the newspapers nowadays.

Obviously everybody struggles for survival, one would not relate enjoyment and classy lifestyle amid this crisis moment, let alone luxurious meals like bird nests.

But look at this...

A bowl of bird nest soup! It's for lunch! Look at the bird nest...

And that's the one and only one slice in the bowl. How much for a bowl?

Hehe... Actually it's not unexpectedly expensive like RM20 or more per bowl, it's just RM9.90 for a bowl of bird nest soup with red dates and ginkgo. The price quite OK right? I mean, if occasionally say once a week or bi-weekly to enjoy the soup for a wage earner like majority of us. Especially if that believes to have soothing effect on the throat, like my friend who has been suffering sore throat for quite some time. Pity.

Of course you've gotta set your expectation right before you go for it. For the amount you pay for the bowl, don't expect RM999 worth of bird nest. Taste wise, I believe nothing to comment about it 'cause dessert like this is easily acceptable by many with less objections.

So where can get this affordable bird nest soup? Here is the restaurant...

Ah Yip Herbal Soup 阿叶靓汤.

There is this Chinese Herbal Shop name printed on the menu too...

德生堂 since 1941. Certainly this is the herbal shop that supplies all the herbs for Ah Yip restaurant. I could not find any history about this herbal shop/restaurant, I guess the herbal shop was the primary business in the past and eventually evolved with the restaurant for business diversity, a good idea indeed!

The restaurant not only serving herbal soups, but it has set lunch like above and other varieties of meals for you to choose. So you can have a healthy meal at the restaurant, if they cook it healthy way. The price is reasonable, at least it's cheaper than KLCC food court and KFC, and healthier too. I paid RM13.80+ for the set lunch that comes with white steamed rice, a ginger sauced duck and vegetable, a bowl of soup, a drink (herbal honey) with a free herbal jelly as dessert. If you are not a big eater, it can be shared for two.

Google Ah Yip Herbal Soup and you can find numerous detailed reviews and its branches. I went to Low Yat branch and this is the first time I had my meal at this restaurant, so will definitely discover more, and may be more food reviews in the future visits.


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