Jack Bond Is Back In Action!

Jack Bond is back.

Jack Bond did not forget his mission while enjoying CNY holiday. Since the successful mission for capturing still images at Casino Genting, this time Jack Bond's mission is to capture video for the similar scenario.

The video was captured on the Lunar 9th Day of CNY, a big day for Hokkien Chinese to worship Celestial God 天公.

Let the videos do the talking...

The weather was just after rain. It used to be right in front of my house, but this year the neighbors shifted a bit to the right and left (of my house), hence there were trees and water catchment blocked the view of full blown of the fireworks. Quality wise, the videos were captured in 320x240 resolution. They were viewable and uploadable to YouTube for sharing. But I found out that blue and green colors (of the fireworks) were not appealing in the video, but what can I expect from a camera phone right? So, in conclusion, this Jack Bond phone has not failed me, using it as a camera for daily novice photography for blogging!


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