Touch N Go 3rd Rebate

I give up.

No more "cheong hei" (long winded) analysis like my previous posts on 1st rebate and 2nd rebate. In short, my experience tells that you will never get the full rebate you are entitled. Never ever.

Look at this summary table I posted earlier...

So by simple summation RM23.74 + RM4.92 + RM28.04 + RM47.08, I should have enjoyed a total rebate of RM103.78 from September till November 2009. Now look at all the rebates I have redeemed...

The 1st (Sep 09), 2nd (Oct 09) and 3rd (Nov 09) from top to bottom. Add them up and I get RM95, this is the real cash rebate I've got so far. And RM103.78 - RM95 = RM8.78, the remaining amount of rebate that I should have enjoyed is gone to somewhere else. You know what I mean.

Anyway, perhaps I should be thankful than being petty. Perhaps this rebate should have gone to someone's pocket entirely and now someone is so generous to share the pie with me and others, so why am I making noise here? Right?

Be warned to be thankful is the survival key to be a Malaysian.

Or enjoy the full song here...


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