My New Gadget, HP 2509p

3-day Pikom PC Fair in KL just over. Did you get any good deal?

I think I broke my record, I visited the fair 3 consecutive days! Not that I bought a lot but was helping friends to get their gadgets. Ultra thin notebooks and whatnot, but only got myself a long waiting gadget as per the subject, the HP 2509p.

Some features printed on the box...

25" 16:9 1920x1080 Full HD LCD monitor with 2MP webcam. It comes with unbox guide due to its weight and fragility...

It's 12kg load...

It's not easy to carry a 12kg box in the crowded PC Fair especially if you get something as big as this in the first or second hall, that you must walk through all 5 halls before you're allowed to exit the fair. Plus the distance to the car park. Fortunately, KLCC convention center is my territory, so I have the "secret shortcut" to bypass other halls. ;)

Unbox it...

The monitor with quick user guide stick on the screen. In front of the monitor, (from left) software driver CD, the audio cable, power cable, HDMI cable (yes! HDMI cable is included!), DVI cable and USB cable for the webcam on the rightmost. Too bad VGA D-Sub cable is not included in the box but I guess that's a good move as most people should have D-Sub cable and it's definitely much cheaper than HDMI cable to buy on your own expense.

Turn to the back...

The speakers are hidden at the back, same goes to the power brick. I personally like this setup. Usually the speakers are built on the side of the screen, that makes the screen looks visually smaller than its original size, and no additional power brick to keep on the table.

In between the speakers are the connectors...

Above from left, DVI, D-Sub, USB host (for webcam and USB hub), USB hub. Bottom from left, the audio out and HDMI.

On the left there are another 2 USB, sum up to 4 connectors available that should be enough for other peripherals like mouse and thumb drive...

Get it up onto the table...

Side by side with my antique CRT monitor. The CRT will be retired after I decommission my stone age PC, it still serves me very well though.

So where are the buttons? It's very interesting, this monitor is button-less design with capacitive touch sensor. Check out this video...

Cool huh? It's useful that you can still maneuver the menu in the dark room. It dims off after few seconds so it won't distract you.

Why I buy this monitor? 2 very simple requirements. In work, I need dual screen setup for most of my works when I work from home. In personal, this is going to be the secondary TV to view my full HD movies. Add on more must-have technical requirements are native 1920x1080 (than 1920x1200 16:10 aspect ratio), HDMI and D-Sub connector. Height adjustment is also key which I found not many LCD from other brands offer this except a 24" AOC monitor. Other addition features are nice-to-have to me. The only draw back is HP provides a mere one year warranty compare to other's that usually a 3 years assurance is given.

I am not into photography and professional editing, so this TN-panel monitor is more than enough to serve me well. See this list of monitors that I shortlisted from my survey and I had chances to view most of them live...

No deep technical review on this post as I always tell my friends that I personally think your eyes are the best technical review for yourself to buy a monitor, beauty is in the eyes of beholder, right? Those technical facts on the paper should only for reference to help to shortlist your choices but not to be the deciding factor until you have seen the monitor in action. I've viewed this HP monitor playing the same Transformer trailer side by side with other brands like Samsung, Asus etc including some latest model of LED monitors, finally I decided to bring back this beauty. The other gamer also had the same comments (i.e. too bright, bluish) like me on other brands, I believe he should have gotten himself one too (UPDATE: yeah, he got the same!). So my advice on buying a monitor is, see to believe.

This 25 incher is with price tag RM1060 from one of the PC Fair booths, other was selling on RM1100 and Low Yat is RM1199 from C-Zone. Perhaps my next gadget should be one of these...

The media player to compliment the sexy screen.

p/s: This site may be helpful if you plan to get a LCD monitor. Be warned, it's very technical site.


  1. whats the difference of the 2509m and the 2509p?

  2. hi, exactly the same question i had before i bought. the difference i found was 2509p is equipped with webcam and usb hub whereas 2509m is not. the other difference i think 2509p is touch capacitive sensor buttons and the m is not. i m not sure if there's other difference since 2509m is not available in msia and no other comparison reviews in the web.

  3. hows the monitor so far? have u had a chance to compare with others, or friends using other lcd and what do they have to say when they viewed your hp?

    thinking of getting this too. corporate rate, RM9xx

  4. the gamer friend who got the same unit is very happy with the 2509p for his gaming. another bought the samsung LED after 2 months after me now agreed with me that the samsung is too bright for long viewing, i did not compare myself though.

    corp rate of RM9xx?! by price wise, i can assure u that u wont go wrong with this screen! where the hell u can get the same size at the same price?! u can go compuzone or c-zone in lowyat KL to see side by side few different brands incl 2509.

    g' luck in your shopping! ;)

  5. is the color of the monitor good for photographer like me to do editing in photoshop

  6. is dell U2410 a good monitor for my usage as photo editing

  7. this monitor is a TN panel. unless cost is a factor, i reckon you may want to consider other non-TN panel monitor for photography such as IPS panel. dell u2410 is an IPS panel, perhaps on paper the spec may be better, i don't see it in live so i can't give comment. however u2410 is 16:10 not 16:9 ratio if that concerns you. i suggest you see them in live even best if side by side to compare.

    happy shopping!

  8. Thanks Jacko,

    I have checked and seen the HP 2509P, it seems looks good in color at one of the shop in Low Yat selling mac machine, How is the HP monitor you are having now good, have you tried that with photoshop editing

  9. i don't do photo edit and i have not printed any photo out for a color comparison on the screen and on the paper, so can't be sure if 2509p is "what you see is what you get". i guess this is the basis that a photographer will demand, right? the only experience was i printed maps from Garmin Mapsource thru a hp printer, the colors matched to what was displayed on the screen. with that, i guess i would humbly say the monitor may be sufficient for photoshop if your are not a hardcore photographer. or perhaps what i could assure you is you won't get a Shrek when you print a human photo. :)

  10. btw, a store selling mac with 2509p on display? i bet that would be compuzone or c-zone, right? the last i checked (months ago) this store offered the best price in LY.

    one thing to note, requirement of color reproduction may be different for a movie and photoshop. this 2509p does come with several color profiles incl sRGB to match with the needs. perhaps this is another plus point to comfort you.

  11. Hi Jacko,

    Thanks so much for your feed back and great advice. Ya, the shop is c-zone. RM1180 was the price he offered to me last week.

    Thanks again. My decision made is HP2590P for sure now.:)

  12. BTW, PC fair is on tomorrow, can check out the price too there.

  13. I'm keen on getting the HP 2509p. Saw it at ALl IT Hypermarket, Ikano today, though it was all wrapped up. No display unit there. It was selling for RM1099. Anyone knows where I can get it for a lower price?

    Jacko, thanks for the review. Very helpful indeed. After having used it for half a year, how do you find it?


  14. hi mark, thanks for the compliment. try go to and check out the price there. it may not be up to date but a reference to you. 1099 sounds reasonable 'cause the price should drop from initial retail price 1299. don't compare with my 1060 tag 'cause it's a PC Fair offered price. If ikano is nearby to you, try harvey norman, i find they do offer best price occasionally or you may want to head to lowyat.

    it perfectly fits my requirement for movie and work! no regret! the only drawback so far is when i connect HDMI out on my lappy to the monitor HDMI in, the screen slightly overflows the screen which i will need to adjust the screen size using the ratio scale from the graphic driver utility. no such problem when using VGA / D-sub. i think this is due to the graphic driver on my lappy, not the monitor itself. i connect the monitor via HDMI to few HD media player, they all fit perfectly on the screen with Full HD resolution.

    happy shopping!

  15. Hey Jacko, i was thinking of getting this model but the Benq V2400 Eco LED caught my eye, which would u recommend? Its my 1st time buying a monitor so i kinda suck at these things.. & i wan 1 for gaming..

  16. ah! finally benq v2400 came out!!

    tim, if you click on the comparison chart above, benq v2400 was my first choice, then i found out the newly launch (at that time) HP2509 and Samsung XL2370 LED, then they were appended to the front of the chart. i did not compare benq when i bought hp as it wasn't available, but had a chance to compare with samsung XL2370 LED. i waited 3 months and it wasn't launched on time in msia like it promised, so i bought HP2509 in the end.

    anyway, for gaming, you need quick respond time for flicker free gaming experience and brighter for dark scenes, IMHO, you may want to consider these factors:
    HP vs BenQ
    1. 25.6 vs 24" size,
    2. 3ms vs 5ms and
    3. brightness of 300cd/m2 vs. 250.

    this is on paper though, again, good to see it live yourself. none of my friends use benq monitor, so i can't pass some comments here. but benq netbook ( LED screen does look good though, on that 10.1 little screen.

    hope i m of helpful to u. happy shopping!! :)

  17. does this have a task light like this monitor has


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