Happy New Year!

5 more hours to a brand new year.

Have you done your self assessment? What have you changed (both good and bad) throughout the year of 2009, or in the year of Ox? What's your new resolution for the coming year? Nevertheless, life still goes on, whatever resolution you had and you have now for the new year, let's look forward and change ourselves to be better.

No matter what grand plan or wawasan you have for year of 2010, 1 thing you must change before anything else changes (sound like my potong post huh?), that is...

The calendar!

Every year at this time I receive few calendars, desk calendars, wall calendars and so forth. It's even more during my dad's era, many of my dad's friends are businessmen and print their own calendar. Each calendar has its own theme, some to deliver messages such as environmental issue to care about marine life...

Some print out images to bring out the corporate image such as developer to build quality house for home...

Some share meaningful quotes to inspire your life...

There are also some full with useful info especially to cover calendar for all races/religions...

So have you changed your calendar to the new one? The very first thing you must do to welcome the new year and to kick start your new resolution.

Holiday is not over yet in BullehLand after the New Year, another countdown to Chinese New Year...

It should be lesser days now to the year of Tiger in Chinese zodiac and Lunar Calendar. I took the photo on the last work week.

Enjoy your holiday while you can. Wish you a "happy ending" (of year 2009) and happy starting of 2010.

Happy New Year!


  1. Changed already!! Happy New Year!!

  2. Ha! Very good, sound very energetic to 2010! Happy New Year to you too!

  3. Changed last week, how about that? sounds kiasu.

  4. Sound like a bad 2009 to you that you want to get rid of if asap. Hehe...


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