SS15 Rojak

In Malaysia, there are many varieties of rojak. They are Malay styled, Chinese styled, Indian styled and others like Indonesian styled. Not only that, there are variants like spicy or sweet, pure fruit or vege etc in each of the style and depending on your taste bud, you may like this but not that, just like your honey could be a poison to others where others may not like what you like. So it's very subjective.

I personally like Indian or Mamak rojak the most, or it may be appropriate to say I quite like Indian/mamak food in overall. There are many rojak hawkers but I like this stall in particular. Why? Picture speaks thousands words, so I needless to type...

It's SS15 Rojak, Subang Jaya.

This isn't the worst I've encountered when visit this store. There was once the queue was 2-fold like a stretched C. Even the rich guy driving S class preferred this stall than classy dining.

After ~15 minutes of queuing, it's my turn to order. Very clear menu hanging there for you to be prepared with what you want...

So be considerate to others behind you. Get ready with your order before your turn, don't "Err... Hmmm... Ahhh... What I want har?" and hold the queue like nobody business.

Here's my serving...

There are only few (I think 4) types of pastries in the plate but all are tasty. Flood it with the not-so-sweet sauce, it's awesome!

Walk to the next stall, it's the Cendol stall.

Order a bowl of RM1.20 after your rojak...

It's refreshing and filling.

There is also a famous Cendol restaurant called Cendol Klang in my hometown. I prefer this SS15 stall over that as Cendol Klang is much sweeter. However, I found SS15 is getting sweeter during my last visit recently. May be I shall try out both on the same day for an apple to apple comparison.

Google around and you will find more descriptive and attractive posts by floggers about this rojak stall.

Here's the location...

You can find it in latest MFM map, Famous Indian Rojak & Cendol at Jalan SS 15/3B or N3 04.712 E101 35.324


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