Saturday, December 12, 2009

Touch N Go 2nd Rebate

Almost 2 months ago, I blogged on the 1Malaysia's Touch N Go rebate and got my first rebate with some questions left over. I doubted the system integrity as I was supposed to receive RM28.66 rebate from 100 transactions amounted RM143.30 I made throughout September, but I only received RM23.74 rebate...

So the company still owed me RM4.92! I told myself, "fine, it's only a small amount, better than no rebate at all." Then I had second thought, "What if this RM4.92 went to somebody's pocket?" RM4.92 from me, RM4.92 from the other, go on and on. Wow! Good money man! Another PKFZ in making? Hmmm... So, I went to redeem my 2nd rebate if the remaining RM4.92 would be credited to my account.

Before I went to the customer service office, I generated the October transaction report to see how much rebate I entitled. I manually calculated the amount and compared with the summary found in "Current Rebate Status" in Touch N Go site...

A tally amount of RM140.20 with my manual calculation. Oh, you can also see on row of September, the record has been corrected from 91 transactions to 100 transactions. Now the mysterious RM4.92 appeared! Sum up 20% of RM140.20 = RM28.04 + RM4.92 = RM32.96 --> The total rebate I should receive on my next redemption, perhaps and supposedly.

So I drove to the customer service office on one fine sunny morning when on the way to work. Same process and no question asked, I got the rebate instantly...

RM31.56. :( This time it's short of RM1.40!

I went to Touch N Go site again while writing this post, and found out the rebate status...

The report did not reflect the 2nd rebate which I had redeemed a month ago. And now my entitlement shows RM80.04 with addition of November rebate. Hmmm... What if I go redeem again, will I get RM80.04 or RM80.04 - RM31.56 = RM48.48? Or worse, I only got RM80.04 - RM31.56 - RM1.40 = RM47.08 that RM1.40 has been transferred to an unknown account. I will try my luck later.

I wonder which firm audits this company? I am not an accountant, but from my experience I could think this company does not have a good accountant or application developer since my account can never get reconciled properly in the following month. Plus, I already made my redemption long ago and it wasn't updated! What a joke! MACC, not sure if you are interested to find out more. I bet not.

Pray for my luck to get RM80.04 tomorrow. Hehe... Hope I have time to pay a visit.

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