$$ From Touch N' Go Rebate

After the online registration with some questions left in doubt, I woke up for a shopping spree (not for me but for my little darling) and planned to visit one of the rebate centers along my journey,
1. To get the questions cleared;
2. Of course money money money! Get my rebate, if this is not a hoax. Hehe...

I turned to the center...

Parked my car and walked into the center...

No other customer except me, so my first question,

Me: "Cik, bolehkah I dapat rebate kat sini?" (Miss, can I get my rebate here?)

TNG Rep: "Boleh, bagi card, biar aku check kat system." (Give me your card, let me check on the system.)

5 seconds later...

TNG Rep: "Nah, ini you punya rebate." (This is your)...

Me: "Terima kasih cik! Boleh tolong top up RM100?" (Thank you. Can you please top up RM100?)


TNG Rep: "Dah." (Done)

Me: "Terima kasih! Oh, ini memang benar-benar ada rebate punya, taklah tipu." (Thank you. Oh, the rebate is real not a hoax)

TNG Rep: "Memang lah. Dah banyak orang datang buat rebate ni." (Of course! Many has visited to redeem theirs)

Me: "Tak payah register kan?" (No need register right?)

TNG Rep: "Tak payah. You pun tak register kan?" (No need. Did you register, didn't you?)

Me: "Semalam I dah register online ni. Tapi boleh tak kita buat rebate kat kaunter tambah nilai?" (I registered online yesterday. Can we redeem our rebate at Tambah Nilai (top up) toll booth?)

TNG Rep: "Tak boleh, mesti datang office baru dapat." (No, must come here to rebate)

Me: "Oh. Cik tau tak pasal online registration?"(Do you know anything about the online registration?)

TNG Rep: "Oh, tak tau ler. Nanti, biar aku check dengan satu orang lagi." (Don't know, but hang on, let me check with the other colleague.)

A minute or two...

TNG Rep: "Tak tau ler. You kena call nombor customer service. Tau tak nombor?" (All don't know. You have to call the customer service line. Do you know the number?)

Me: (Showed the card) "Yang ni kan?" (Is this one?)

TNG Rep: "Betul." (Correct)

Me: "Okie. Terima kasih cik." (Ok. Thank you)

TNG Rep: "Sama sama." (You're welcome)

Me: "Cik. Satu lagi. Boleh ambil gambar tak?"

TNG Rep: "Ya Allah! Jangan! Malunya." (Oh my God! Please don't! Shameful!)

Me: "Hehehe... Ok ok."

That's the reason I did not take photo when at counter.

1. It's confirmed no registration required to get the rebate.
2. The rebate procedure is really simple. After 5th day of the month, walk in any customer service office to get your rebate.
3. The rebate can only be redeemed at customer service office aka rebate center, not Tambah Nilai (Top up) toll booth.

And the rebate value you receive is the value shown as "Available Rebates" not the "Current Rebates". Read here for details. 2 questions I raised are still not answered yet. We shall see.

Here's the business hour...

Not sure if this is standard for all customer service office, I believe it should.

p/s: click here for 123 steps on rebate.


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