Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pigging in Facebook

I was not a facebook guy but now thing has changed. I am facebook addictive now!! Nope, not because of human but pigs!!

Cute huh? Hehe... The backside even cuter...

The curly tail even cuter huh?

This should be no stranger to you, I believe most of you know this is from a game in facebook or most likely a user of this game too, the FarmVille...

My JK farm in early stage. It's changed a lot.

So what made me really into this game? Like I mentioned, it's the pigs. Here's my photo with the pig pig...

With loves some more. Hehe... Oh yeah, you can also customize yourself in FarmVille to be like your real self...

Click on yourself in FarmVille and above will pop up. Click next..

Skin, face, hair and almost everything you can get the closest match to the real world you.

Uh oh. My peppers are ready for harvest, my pigs are ready for truffles collection, it's time for pigging in FB. Blog later ;)

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