Why Face the Book? Why Not Face to Face?

Do you facebook?

I think many or almost everyone in this planet get this question from time to time. I just got one few days ago. My standard answer is, "Facebook? Oh, I need to recall my password."

Well. That is half true. Quarter true is because I really don't remember the password if I need to logon from another PC. What makes the answer half false is because I still able to logon to the site since I have my browser to remember the password. Another quarter true is because I don't frequent the site, may be once a week or two or until I receive an email notification (I have a secretary to update me from time to time what is happening in there! Haha!).

I am not anti social, I used to active in ahmoi.com, multiply etc etc. Those were the days. Few reasons I don't fancy facebook, one of course the time is always not enough but one of the most important factors is like what I mentioned here, the privacy. If you ever compare the T&C of blogger and facebook, you will see the difference.

That is not all. I thought I was the unique alien to keep self out of sync on the hottest social networking site, read this article published at theSun on Monday, exactly my thoughts...

This is why I have only few friends on my list. Let me logon and count now... Oh, 20, not bad huh? And mostly chicks! Hehe... Some people just like to invite and include almost every single account they can find in the facebook directory, perhaps there is a facebook champion award for those with highest number of friends in the list.

I may also have ignored/rejected few requests. One, I don't think you should be in my virtual social ring, I am sorry to say so. But don't feel bad, two, it could be that I prefer to collaborate with you face to face than "face the book" (nay, in fact face the screen). I do not want you to think I am ignorant when you poke me or whatever on the site, since I do not frequent the site. You may already on my YM, MSN or my phone number or even my house so there's no point to meet virtually on another site, right? I recalled I challenged few who asked my facebook account, it's like this challenge...

A Tom and Jerry challenge. Catch Jerry if you can, find me in facebook if you can. ;)

Above is just some 2 cents from me about facebook. Perhaps it's triggered by some incident happened in the recent days. Imagine one could expect you to stay in front of the screen 24x7x365 days to wait for the IM to pop up and within split of miliseconds if you don't respond, you would be convicted of being ignorant and disliking the message sender regardless if you are in front of the screen. Contrary, if you IM and get no response, that is normal. Can't imagine if the same sender sends me something in facebook and I don't respond timely. Anyway, life goes on, I have more meaningful tasks to complete than wasting my time to fulfill other's ridiculous expectations and desires, only my family and loved one have such privileges. Hmmm... I think perhaps it's another long winding topic to blog about my phobia over phone calls as well ever since I joined my current company 5 years ago.

By the way, you can download the article from theSun. But not sure if it's still available on next Monday. It's on page 18.


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