Row Row Row The Boat

Holiday season. Holiday mood. I had been out from city life these recent weekends. The recent Perak trip and now another one...

Row, row, row the boat, rowed to Pulau Ketam. This is the only photo I took in my Pulau Ketam trip. Hehe...

May be I should plan another one, fishing, yummy seafood etc. Ah, need to ask LKH when is he going back to Sitiawan, may be to revisit Sitiawan and Tanjung Tualang on November along with house warming at LKH's newly built mansion. Let's see.


  1. huh?! so short post? no other boad? no dragon boat?

  2. multitasking, half zzz half blog, that's why short lor. hehe... dragon boat did not take any.


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