Monday, September 14, 2009

Jacko.MY 1st Year Anniversary

Jacko.MY just passed its 1st year anniversary. Don't ask me the exact day, I don't remember until I received a reminder from the domain registrar on renewal. From the reminder, Jacko.MY should celebrate its 1 year old birthday on 19 July 2009. Opps, it's been 2 months ago. Ya, that's how busy I am these days, typical workaholic when the enthusiasm on work is on its peak. I have been neglectful about my surrounding, my bad if you feel that, including Jacko.MY.

How did I land on Jacko.MY? As mentioned a year ago, was #1 preference but someone has grabbed it long ago. Instead of,, jacko.whatever I like Jacko.MY since I am from this Bulleh Land and it is definitely "mine" (my). Hehe...

Upon the renewal notification, I thought of register other domain and checked if was available for registration. Of course it's only for fun, changing a domain name is not favorable especially the site has big followers, not that Jacko.MY has a big fan base though :") Hehe... Too bad still has its owner holding it. Looking at Jacko.MY favicon...

I got a new idea to try on a cooler domain name.

There are 2 basic ways to verify if a domain is owned by anyone, first of course is to browse to the site directly, for instance, type and hit enter. Hopeless if you see a web page. The alternative is to use any WHOIS (who is...) service such as this site or this for .my domains. I did a search on using WHOIS and the result was not something I desired, it's registered but no owner info revealed by WHOIS. Sigh~ Then I went to to check if any website was setup, I was then presented...

Ok, not really an owner, but a domain parker who registered the domain to make quick money when somebody offers to buy the domain. Profitable business? Of course. I remember ages ago there were cases where somebody registered the domain of a well known brand i.e. and the company needed to pay millions to buy back from that smartie. How much is a domain? Typically it's from USD$9.99 or even USD$0.99 per annum sometimes. Good money huh? If you think or or any name which is going to be a global brand, go register one to become millionaire the quickest way.

I then saw a link at the top right " is for sale", I clicked on it and scrolled to look for the price for

My jaw dropped from my room to the kitchen at the ground floor!! My friends used to address me as JK in email, now I know I at least worth USD$750 grand. Hehe...

Anyway, no change to Jacko.MY and I am pretty confident it's gonna stay forever until I die, or until I am broke to pay for renewal.

Happy belated birthday Jacko.MY!

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